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bespoke bottling

bespoke bottling service is an immersive experience that puts you in control over spirit selection, bottling and packaging. It is the perfect way to commemorate your event or special occasion, from birthdays to weddings, reunions and corporate functions.

This distillery produces a range of rums that blend beautifully into cocktails, including the Keynvor honey spiced rum.

Commemorate your event or special occasion

Bespoke bottling is a great way to commemorate your special event. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, reunion or corporate function, you’ll want to have something that will stand out from the crowd and make your guests swoon.

The most obvious and popular choice is a personalised bottle of your favourite spirit, crafted in your name and delivered to your door. We can also produce a small number of custom blends, bespoke labels and even bottle the prized memento from your special day.

A smaller, more discreet option is the distillery’s smallest room, which can accommodate just 30 people in style and features a built-in buffet and 32inch flat screen TV. The most impressive feature is a large, indoor/outdoor patio area with glass garage doors. It’s a fun, innovative and interactive venue that will have your guests talking about it for ages. The drinks, menus and activities on offer can be matched to your specific requirements, giving you and your guests something unique to remember your special day.

Personalise your spirit

If you want to commemorate an event or special occasion, a bespoke bottling service can help. These companies can personalise your spirit with a photograph, company logo or an image associated with the event.

In addition, they can create a unique bottle for your spirits that will make them stand out from the competition. They will work closely with you to make sure that the design of your custom bottle accurately reflects your brand and product.

The Chesapeake Bay is teeming with distilleries, many of which offer a variety of locally produced craft liquors. These brewers use high-quality ingredients and savvy market branding to reimagine rum and coke, bourbon on the rocks and margaritas.

They offer contract liquid filling services for the consumer products, pharmaceutical and medical industries. Capabilities include pressure, vacuum and piston filling for round and square bottles. Other services include batch blending, label and package date coding, induction seal capping and shrink banding.

Create a unique bottle

Creating a bottle for your spirit is an important part of the production process. Depending on your needs, we can use a range of glass materials and manufacturing processes to create a bottle that is perfect for your product.

A bottle is made from molten glass gobs that are fed into the cavities of a mold and then compressed air is forced in to create the bottle neck and container shape. This process is known as blow and blow.

When the mould has cooled, it can be filled with your liquid and sealed to protect it from damage. A bespoke bottle is the perfect way to give your brand a unique identity in the market.

Mounts Bay Distillery, overlooking Mounts Bay in Cornwall, make their own rum using a blend of three and five year old rums with honey, saffron, seaweed and spices. They’re a family run distillery who give 10% of their profits to plastic free seas charities, and are incredibly passionate about protecting the oceans!


One of the coolest parts of the bespoke swag is the ability to customize your booze to your specific tastes and budget. For the snobs amongst you, a personalised bottle of fine spirits will set you back anywhere from a mere fraction of your pre-purchased budget to a whole new lease on your life. A bespoke swag bag of goodies in the form of a handsomely wrapped, gold plated snifter or tin can be delivered to your door in under two days (if you are lucky). Best of all, you don’t have to worry about securing a suitable bottle to drink it from.

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