Cartoon Bird Simple Drawings For Kids

Cartoon Bird Simple Drawings For Kids

Simple Drawings For Kids Swans are widely considered to be among the world’s most stunning and refined animals. Simple Drawings For Kids incredible animals have come to symbolize grace and elegance in a more general sense, and it is easy to see why when you see them floating gracefully on a calm lake.

Easy Bird Drawing

Their exquisite appearance has also led to them being featured in many works of art and stories, and many people like to demonstrate their admiration for them by learning how to sketch swans.

You’ve landed on the correct guide if you are one of the people who are interested in learning how to do it, so keep reading!

Using this detailed tutorial on how to draw a swan step by step will make creating this picture as easy as lazing about on the surface of a lake.

Step By Step Drawing


  • In this first stage of our guide on how to draw a swan, we will concentrate on the swan’s head and beak to get us started.
  • To illustrate this, you will begin by drawing a long curved line for the tip of the head, followed by a shorter curved line below it to represent the cheek. After that, you can begin to sketch the swan’s beak by placing a shaper line on the left side of the head of the bird.
  • You’re ready for the next step when you’ve got it to appear exactly like it does in the picture we provided as a reference.


  • In the second step, draw some features of the face and lengthen the neck.
  • At this point in the drawing of your swan, you will be adding some features to the face while also extending the line that represents the neck.
  • To begin, you can create the form of the eye by using an oval. After that, you can use a circular that is filled in inside of it to represent the pupil of the eye.
  • After you have completed the eye, you can move on to the mouth and add some curved lines to it, along with some smaller lines to represent the nostrils. After that, all left to do is finish off this process by drawing curved lines onto the eyes to represent eyelashes.
  • To complete this stage before moving on to the next one, you can add more to the line that defines the neck.


  • You can continue to sketch additional parts of the swan’s body at this point.
  • Now that you’ve completed the head of your swan, you can work on the neck and the rest of the bird.
  • First, draw a sharply curved line from underneath the swan’s head. This line should commence at an angle of 45 degrees. After making an even sharper turn to accommodate the ample breast of the swan further below, this will proceed downward until it reaches the base of the bird’s body.
  • As a final option, you can draw a curved line that extends from the rear of the base of the neck, just like in the illustration we used for reference.


  • Draw some feathers and the swan’s tail in the next step. This is the fourth and final step.
  • Your drawing of the swan is already turning out well, but if you give it a few more details, we can make it appear even more impressive.
  • To begin, you can start by drawing a series of curved lines near the back of the swan, just like in the image we provided for reference.
  • These feathers will be used to decorate the swan’s wings. After that, you will begin drawing longer curved lines at the rear of the swan to make up the swan’s feathers.
  • After you have completed these feathery details, you will be ready to move on to the final components!
  • Adding the finishing touches to your swan sketch is the focus of the fifth and final step.


  • Before moving on to the final phase of our tutorial on drawing a swan, this step will focus on adding some finishing details before moving on to the last step.
  • In this stage, the primary focus will be on adding many lines to the swan’s body with sharply curved ends to generate additional feathery details.
  • After you have completed these, you can give the impression that the swan is drifting on the water by drawing a straight line beneath it and coloring it accordingly.
  • Before moving on to the next step, you can add additional information and components if you so desire. The guide’s specifics have now been covered in their entirety.
  • You could create a background that depicts the lovely lake it is on and add some additional birds, such as ducks floating on the lake.
  • What other particulars can you consider that would round out the appearance of this lovely picture you’ve created?


  • Put the finishing touches on your sketch of the Swan by coloring it in.
  • Your drawing of a swan is finished, and now you can have some fun making it appear even more gorgeous by coloring it in.
  • To create the swan in our reference picture, we used a color between a light beige and a light brown, and we used a beautiful blue for the lake.
  • Nevertheless, this is just one approach to coloring it in! By experimenting with different color combinations, you could make the picture even more striking.
  • Even if you choose to keep the colors subdued to create a realistic swan, you can still infuse some vibrant colors into the design by coloring in some background elements you may have added.
  • You can also have some fun while coloring in your picture by experimenting with the different art mediums and tools you use. Because of the beautiful, gentle appearance that can be achieved with watercolor paints or colored pencils, these mediums are excellent choices for depicting gentler scenes like this one.
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