How to download a video from twitter

How to download a video from twitter

Twitter is one of the most well-known social media platforms, and it’s also where I find videos posted by people. There are a number of videos uploaded every day, covering a wide range of subjects and interests. It’s likely we accidentally deleted one of them from our device while we didn’t mean to share it from our account.

Twitter makes it easy to share short videos, but the app itself doesn’t support video recording. The method to be followed is described in the sections that follow. Obtaining videos from Twitter is the subject of this guide. Numerous helpful methods exist for downloading a video from Twitter.

One of the most popular ways to download videos from Twitter is via a service like Twitter Video Download. To use this site, all you have to do is copy the tweet address containing the video we want you to download, paste it into the box provided, and hit the Download button.

Downloading Twitter videos with the help of online website

1.Open twitter official application or website and copy the video link.
2.visit the Twitter video download site and enter the link into the appropriate field there.
3.Go ahead and hit the Download button.
4.There are three tiers of precision that you can select from on this website.
5. The video download will begin once you click the Download button next to the chosen file size.

Twitter video downloading on Android:
Twitter Videos Download is an app that allows you to effortlessly and rapidly download movies and GIFs from Twitter to your Android device.

1.To save a video to your device using the Twitter app, simply tap the share button located just below the clip.
2. Choose the option to “Share Tweet Via.”
3.Choose the appropriate app (Download videos from Twitter).
4. Choose “Download” from within the app.
5.Choose the desired video quality.
6. Click the “Save” button.

Downloading Twitter videos on iOS 
 Twitter video downloads for iOS are a bit more complicated than on Android and PC.
1. Open the Twitter app, selecting the required tweet, tapping the Share symbol, choosing “Share Tweet Via,” and lastly tapping “Copy Link to Tweet” will accomplish this.
2. Open “MyMedia” and choose “Browser” from the app’s secondary menu. To visit twitter video downlader, type the address into the link enter bar and press the Link button.
3. Simply copy the link, then hold down your finger in the “Input Twitter URL” field until the “Paste” option appears, and finally, tap the “Download” button.
4. At the following screen, you’ll see a number of different resolution options; tap “Download” next to the one you want, and then tap “Copy” to save the link.
5. Copy the link, then go to “MyMedia,” paste it in the address bar, and tap the download button. When the video is ready, it will be downloaded and saved to your Media library.

6.. Go to your phone’s “Media” section, tap the video, and then select “Save to Camera Roll” to store the film in your phone’s “Camera Roll.”

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