How to Draw A Shirt Easily

Draw A Shirt

How to Draw A Shirt. It’s easy to assume that the more familiar you are with a subject, the easier it will be to draw.

Also check our coloring pages for kids.

Clothing fits this description as we see and wear it every day. As any artist will tell you, the less solid the structure is, the harder it is to draw things.

Since the clothes are made of soft fabric, this can make learning to draw a shirt quite tricky. However, there is a way to learn it, so read on!

How to Draw A Shirt

Step 1

For the first step of this tutorial on how to draw a shirt, we’ll start with some shapes that will guide you later. To do this, you should use a light pen for the time being.

We will use a pencil as these lines will be erased later. Using the reference image as a guide, draw two rectangles with one horizontal and one vertical at the top.

These will be joined together in the next few steps to form the structure of your shirt.

Step 2

For this part of the shirt design, you’ll use the shapes from Step 1.

To draw the center of the shirt, use several curved lines, all staying within the vertical rectangle from the previous step.

Following the reference image is very helpful for this step, as the curves in this part of the shirt have a particular structure that we will build on in the next few steps.

Step 3

The third step of this tutorial on drawing a shirt focuses on the shirt’s collar. This will be a simple curved line near the top of the shirt.

It matches the curved shape you drew in this area in the previous step, except this line goes further into the shirt.

Step 4

We wouldn’t design a shirt without armholes, so let’s add some sleeves to this part of the shirt design.

To do this, continue to use the rectangles from the previous step to position the sleeves correctly.

They will descend from the top corners of the shirt in a curved line and then connect to the shirt’s body in a straight line.

Step 5

Before the final stage of designing the jersey, we need to draw some final details.

These details that we propose are simple and include lines on the edges of the neck and sleeve ends and some lines on the inside of the shirt for creases.

Then you can erase the pencil rectangles from the first step.

If you drew on it with a pen, let the ink dry before erasing! Before proceeding, this would be an opportunity to add any other details you would like.

There are many ways you can get creative with this! Some examples would be drawing a design onto the shirt or even drawing a head and arms inside the shirt.

Step 6

You’ve drawn the final details, added your own, and completed the shirt. However, before you’re done, there’s one more thing about drawing a shirt in this guide: coloring!

This step should be fun as you can stretch your creative muscles for this part.

We’ve used a lovely blue for our example image, but the shirts can come in any design and color combination, giving you plenty of room to express yourself with your colors.

Once you’ve drawn a design or image onto your shirt, you can add even more bursts of color by filling it in!

Once you know how you want to color your shirt design, the only question is what you will use to color it.

If you prefer a brighter, more intense color scheme, consider using a medium such as paints, crayons, or markers.

If you prefer a more muted look, you can use mediums like watercolor and colored pencils for a softer look.

There is no wrong answer; whichever look you choose will be stunning!

Your Shirt Drawing is Finished!

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