Ways to Find the Best No Win, No Fee Solicitor for You

No win no fee solicitors

What is No Win, No Fee solicitors?

A No Win No Fee agreement is one in which you only pay your solicitor a fee if your medical negligence or personal injury claims is successful. If your lawyer accepts your case and you lose, you will not have to pay them any legal fees.

Following an accident or injury, you should prioritize your rehabilitation before filing a claim. A No Win No Fee agreement, also known as a conditional fee agreement, ensures you have no financial risk and can focus on more essential matters.

If you are unclear if you can file a No Win No Fee claim, please contact us. Our courteous and empathetic claims representatives will review your issue with you and assist you in determining the appropriate next move.

How does the No Win No Fee solicitors work?

No Win No Fee agreements were enacted into law to allow persons who could not afford legal representation to obtain the justice to which they were entitled. This implies that anyone who has been harmed in an accident that was not their fault can now file a compensation claim.

Our No Win No Fee solicitors will deduct a success fee from the compensation you get for a successful claim, which will be calculated as a percentage of your losses.

Your personal injury solicitor may take out an insurance policy on your behalf, known as ‘after the event insurance. This will pay expenses like court fees. If your claim is successful, the cost of this coverage is normally removed from the total amount of compensation.

When you file a No Win No Fee claim, you usually file it against the insurer of the person or organization that caused your injury.

Types of No Win, No Fee solicitors

No Win No Fee can be used in a variety of civil court proceedings, including but not limited to:

Personal injury Claims

If you were injured in an accident that was not your fault within the previous three years, you may be able to file a No Win No Fee personal injury claim. Our accident lawyers will work hard to obtain you the compensation you deserve, as well as any further treatment you may require. This might include medical treatment such as physiotherapy.

Medical negligence claims

Medical negligence can be heartbreaking, but we are here to assist you in getting through it and back on your feet. You are entitled to justice if you have been the victim of a misdiagnosis, surgical error, or even cosmetic surgery negligence.

Claims for road traffic accidents

Road traffic accidents are traumatic, but when you are injured in one that was not your fault, it may be much more so. If you were injured in a car accident, whether small or severe, you may be able to file a No Win No Fee claim for compensation.

Workplace accident claims

Filing a claim for a workplace injury might be intimidating if you don’t want to cause any problems at work. Nevertheless, when you file a No Win No Fee workplace accident claim, you are suing your employer’s insurance rather than them directly. This implies that your claim will not have a negative impact on your company or coworkers.

Slip, trip, and fall claims

A slip, trip, or fall can cause more than simple embarrassment. If you were injured in public as a result of a fall, you can file a claim for compensation. This will be done against the organization in charge of the building or public place you were in, whether it’s the local government or the store owner.

Claims for occupational disease

In addition to occupational accidents, you may get an industrial disease, especially if you work with dangerous products. If your employer failed to take the necessary precautions to keep you safe, you may be able to file a No Win No Fee claim for compensation.

If your injuries were caused by someone else’s negligence, you might file a No Win No Fee accident claim. If you are unsure if you are eligible, please contact us to learn more.

How Can You File a No-Win, No-Fee solicitors Claim?

The first step is to determine if you are eligible for a No Win No Fee claim. You may easily accomplish this by contacting us. Our advisers are pleased to go through your case with you and explain your alternatives.

If you decide to proceed with a claim, we will refer you to one of our professional No Win No Fee solicitors.

Your solicitor will then walk you through the procedure, making sure you understand what will happen in the coming months. They will ensure that you are satisfied with the proportion of your earnings that you will pay them if you are successful.

Following receiving your permission to proceed, your lawyer will begin developing your case by researching what happened and compiling all relevant evidence. They may arrange for a medical examination by an expert, which might give solid proof.

Your lawyer will next file your claim with the entity liable for your accident and begin negotiating a fair compensation amount. If they believe the given figure is insufficient to compensate you for your pain and suffering, they will continue to bargain until they are convinced you are receiving the compensation you need.

Is there a deadline for filing No Win No Fee claims?

In most situations, you will have three years to file a No Win No Fee accident claim for an injury caused by the carelessness of another person.

However, there are certain exceptions. You will not face a deadline if you are claiming on behalf of someone who lacks the capacity to claim for themselves.

Children will also be able to file a claim at any time until the age of 18, after which they will have three years to file. This implies they can file a No Win No Fee claim until the age of 21.

Meanwhile, if you learn that you were the victim of carelessness after the three-year period has elapsed, you are out of luck.

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