Famous Food In Dubai You must not miss

Famous Food In Dubai You must not miss

Its surprising how little knowledge there is about Dubai street food. The Emiratis are known for their extremely flavorful and delicious cuisine. Customers all over the world thus enjoy their food. Even though some of these foods can be found elsewhere, the Original has a distinctive flavor. Over the past few years, Dubai’s street food has grown in popularity. Whatever you choose to eat, it must contain meat and seasonings. Planning a trip but unsure of what to eat? We are here to help you through this. The list of typical Dubai dishes is provided below, along with a description of each dish’s components. This list contains both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals and snacks. 


Khuzi / Ouzi 

The national dish of the UAE is khuzi. If you want to sample genuine Emirati cuisine, you must do this. People in the United Arab Emirates prefer to eat this proper meal. What then does it actually consist of? Rice and lamb are the only ingredients. Other vegetables and hazelnuts are also placed on top of this. If you don’t eat Khuzi, your trip isn’t complete. It’s easy to prepare this meal. so that you can visit Dubai from India.


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If you enjoy biryani, it is unquestionably a dish you must try while in Dubai. Mandi is simply chicken Biryani, but the chicken and spices are given more weight. This is regarded as being much healthier than our Indian Biryani because very little oil is used. The Mandi spice blend, which includes coriander, nutmeg, dried chili, bay leaf, and cloves, is used to marinate the chicken. To pamper your taste buds, you must eat this food.  

Al Machboos

By now, you are aware of the Middle East’s heavy meat consumption. They eat a lot of meat in their food. Al machboos is yet another dish that contains meat. This has a very different consistency from Mandi when we closely examine the ingredients. The rice turns the sauces into a caramel color, and the meat is tossed in the pan with them. This dish heavily relies on pungent spices. 


Among all fast foods, shawarma is one of the best. A common nickname for shawarma is the Middle Eastern taco. You have to admit, it’s intriguing. Spiced meat wrapped in either rice or wheat-based pita bread is a common Emirati street food. In India, too, you might have had shawarma. But there is no way that you have ever consumed an actual shawarma. However, you can’t possibly have ever consumed a genuine shawarma. Meat is usually grilled over a period of days before being scraped and stuffed into a roll. These meats could be lamb or chicken. 


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Middle Eastern vegetarian street food known as falafel is very popular. This is preferred to be eaten with hummus, a paste-like side dish. This is a very simple dish made with herbs and spices, chickpea, baking powder and some salt and pepper. This mixture is ground up and fried in oil, creating an outer layer that is dark brown and crispy. 

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Oman Chips Parotta 

The food Oman Chips Parotta is one that goes well with Kadak Chai. If you left Dubai without trying Oman Chips Parotta, it would be a loss. Just three ingredients—Oman chips, cheese, and parotta—make up this dish. Oman chips are simply hot and spicy potato chips with a hint of sourness. This spiced parotta is the best snack you can ever have when paired with tea. 


Milk products are another typical food item in their cuisine, just as we find meat in every non-vegetarian dish. All of Manakish is about the cheese. A thick layer of cheese is folded over the pizza base and served immediately. This dish comes in many different versions. Some people choose to add some vegetables, sauces, or even meat to the top. 



One Luqaimat is not enough! That is how delicious it is, indeed. The preparation of this dish is very passionate and is something that Arabs are very proud of. This Middle Eastern treat has dough that is skillfully dropped into oil, making it crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Date syrup is placed on top of this when it is served. Due to its accessibility, you can and won’t ever miss out on tasting it.

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