11 Best Video Game Monologues In Game History


Players will always remember these famous monologues from different video game characters.

It seems that people are drawn to good stories. Throughout history, hundreds of great stories have been able to capture the different parts of human drama and conflict, holding the attention of generations with great plots and amazing characters. Whether it’s in a book, movie, or podcast, a great story will grab anyone’s attention and stick with them.

Video games have also had some amazing and well-known plot points and endings. There have been some amazing monologues in video games about life, death, the human condition, and godhood that come from different points of view and are the result of great writing, direction, and acting. Depending on the game, these particular video game monologues can be heard in different ways. Some are like movies and have a cinematic feel, while others talk directly to the player and can even be interactive. This makes for a truly unique experience.

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