Can an iPhone 14 Pro Beat the iPhone 13 Pro in 2023?

Can an iPhone 14 Pro Beat the iPhone 13 Pro in 2023?

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If you argue that the iPhone 13 Pro is a substandard phone, I’ll say that you’re insane. Have you seen the spec on those things? I acquired it as a used iPhone and still believe that it’s an excellent phone with incredible features. Nevertheless, there’s a new sheriff in town, and his name is iPhone 14 Pro (apologies for the cheesy cowboy allusion 😅). Even though the 13 Pro was nothing to scoff at, the 14 Pro (even if not the top dog in the iPhone 14 series) is one of the best-performing phones that I’ve ever used.

Other than the 13 Pro, I also acquired a used iPhone 12 Pro around a year 1.5 years ago, and I liked each and every time I used it. With each successive generation of the phone, they’ve made sure to keep up the trend of improving with each new iteration, yet there are those who still believe that the 13 Pro is superior to the 14 Pro. Hence, that’s why in this essay, I’ll be looking into the question whether the 14 Pro can trump the 13 Pro.

Therefore, here are the things you need to understand about the 14 Pro.

  • A few upgrades that came with the new iPhone 14 Pro
  • Can it really beat the iPhone 13 Pro

With that said, let’s start by covering the few improvements that the 14 Pro has over the 13 Pro.

A Few Upgrades That Came with the New iPhone 14 Pro

Like I stated previously, Apple always makes sure that whichever variation of the phone they’re launching, there’s always some type of update or enhancement of some form. I’ve been purchasing and using refurbished or used mobile phones for quite a long now, and the one that I enjoy the most is a used iPhone.

I’ve used all of the past 4 prior types of iPhones that were launched in used condition since not only is it cheaper but also better for the environment. I’ve generally kept to the Pro series of phones for😅. The first iPhone that I purchased was a secondhand iPhone 11 Pro, and now I’m using the new iPhone 14 Pro.

In each successive iteration, there were some huge advancements, and others were fairly modest, but yet, they were there. Most of the iPhone users who haven’t tried the 14 Pro assume that it’s a carbon clone of the previous year’s 13 Pro, but they couldn’t be more incorrect. Below are some notable enhancements or upgrades that come with the 14 Pro.

1. Notch

The very first and main feature that you’ll notice with the iPhone 14 Pro is its notice area. Both the Pro and Pro Max come with a new sort of notch dubbed the “Dynamic Island.” Before, many people had claimed that the notches on the previous edition of the iPhones were unsightly or would cover up a majority of the screen. Additionally, it was at the period when firms were even attempting to disguise the front-facing camera by hiding it beneath the screen.

Yet, this was a dilemma for them since, much like the back camera, the notch was the item by which iPhones were known, but that all changed with the 14 Pro. Apple listened to its user community and modified the appearance of their notch to something dubbed Dynamic Island. Even though they didn’t follow the conventional rules, they made sure to deliver one of the greatest responsive notches in any smartphone. It comes with loads of functions including incoming calls, audio/video playback, etc.

As the popularity of this notch was made public, there were many copycats who attempted to build an app for Android mobile phones to offer them Dynamic Island for their front camera 😂.

2. Chipset

The primary distinction between both the 13 Pro and the 14 Pro is that both of them employ 2 different versions of chipsets. The 13 Pro utilized the A15 Bionic chipset, whereas the 14 Pro utilizes the A16 Bionic chipset. Performance-wise, both chipsets are quite strong and extremely near to one other.

Yet, if I had to select the greatest chipset iPhone, I would opt for the 14 Pro. This is the first phone even in the 14 range that employs this chipset. The cheaper variations employ the older A15 chipset, which again is a solid chipset, but if you want to get the most gaming performance and battery life, then you’ll certainly need the 14 Pro.

3. Camera

The final significant enhancement that you’ll note in both of the phones is the huge camera changes. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have gone for this stuff since most of the lenses utilized in both phones are pretty much the same. Even the used iPhone 12 Pro I used a long time ago had the same 12MP camera system, but this time Apple came packed.

The 14 Pro comes with a large 48MP camera lens which is more than competent enough to compete with smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G. Additionally, it also comes with the function of new Action Mode video stabilization that makes sure you take amazing quality videos every time.

Can It Really Beat the iPhone 13 Pro

So, after reading all of the features given above, you can’t expect me to declare that the new iPhone 14 Pro is similar to last year’s 13 Pro. There is a tremendous difference between both of the phones, and I would every time pick for the 14 Pro (if my cash permits it) (if my wallet allows it).

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