What are the rituals for Holika Dahan?

What are the rituals for Holika Dahan?

Holi rituals are observed every year as part of a sacred tradition. The Holi festival is a traditional Hindu holiday that includes a lt of interesting customs. A big draw of Holi is Holika puja in addition to the colour games. The entire Holika Sthapana and Puja Procedure is described here.

People begin collecting wood for the lighting of the “Holika” bonfire at the main city intersection days before Holi. This custom makes sure that a substantial amount of wood is gathered for the celebration itself. The day is for partying and pure fun. Children and teenagers join groups and colour their targets using dry paint, coloured solutions, water pistols, water balloons filled with coloured water, and other inventive methods.

Holi Puja: Holika Sthapana, Puja Samagri, and Procedure

It is said that performing Holika Puja according to Holika dahan muhurat will help one overcome any kind of fear. Holika Puja bestows authority, money, and prosperity. Holika is thought to have been made to fend off all kinds of fear. Holika Dahan is therefore revered before Prahlada and Holika, despite the latter being a Demoness.

Holi Puja Samagri

For puja, the following samagri, or ingredients, should be used: one bowl of water, cow dung-made beads, Roli, rice that has not been broken (also known as Akshat in Sanskrit), flowers, raw cotton thread, turmeric bits, unbroken Moong lentil, Batasha, Gulal powder, and coconut. Additionally, the Puja items may contain fully developed grains of recently cultivated crops like wheat and gramme.

Holika Sthapana

Cow dung and Ganges holy water are used to clean the area where Holika is stored. The popular Gulari, Bharbholiye, or Badkula toys, constructed of cow dung, are displayed around a wooden pole that is kept in the centre. On top of the pile are Holika and Prahlada idols, which are typically made of cow dung. Shields, swords, the sun, moon, stars, and other toys made of cow dung are used as decorations on the Holika pile.

The Prahlada idol is removed for Holika Dahan. Before the blaze, four beads of cow dung are also stored safely. One is kept secure in the names of the ancestors, Hanuman the God, Sheetala the Goddess and the family.

Holika Puja Vidhi

We have included a collection of Sanskrit mantras along with an explanation of what each mantra means. If someone is unable to chant such Mantras, they can nevertheless be said in the same spirit in their own language.

Step 1: On a dish, keep all of the Puja ingredients. Puja Thali should be served with a small water pot. Sit down on the Puja site with your back to either the North or the East. After that, while chanting the following mantra three times, sprinkle some water over the Puja Thali and yourself.

ऊँ पुण्डरीकाक्ष: पुनातु। x 3

Before beginning any auspicious endeavour, recite the aforementioned mantra to Lord Vishnu and ask for his grace. Additionally, it is done to sanitize the place of worship.

Step 2: Take Sankalp while holding the water, rice, flower, and some cash in your right hand.

ऊँ विष्णु: विष्णु: विष्णु: श्रीमद्भगवतो महापुरुषस्य विष्णोराज्ञया अद्य दिवसे ________ (संवत्सर का नाम लें e.g. विश्वावसु) नाम संवत्सरे संवत् ________  फाल्गुन मासे शुभे शुक्लपक्षे पूर्णिमायां शुभ तिथि ________ (e.g. मंगलवासरे) ________ गौत्र (अपने गौत्र का नाम लें) उत्पन्ना ________ (अपने नाम का उच्चारण करें) मम इह जन्मनि जन्मान्तरे वा सर्वपापक्षयपूर्वक दीर्घायुविपुलधनधान्यं शत्रुपराजय मम् दैहिक दैविक भौतिक त्रिविध ताप निवृत्यर्थं सदभीष्टसिद्धयर्थे प्रह्लादनृसिंहहोली इत्यादीनां पूजनमहं करिष्यामि।

By repeating the aforementioned mantra, one is reciting the current Hindu calendar date, site of worship, family name, and purpose of the Puja as well as the recipient of the Puja, ensuring that the worshipper receives all of the Puja’s blessings.

Step 3: After receiving flowers and grains in your right hand, think about Lord Ganesha. The mantra to recite in honour of Lord Ganesha is

गजाननं भूतगणादिसेवितं कपित्थजम्बूफलचारुभक्षणम्।

उमासुतं शोकविनाशकारकं नमामि विघ्नेश्वरपादपमजम्।।

ऊँ गं गणपतये नम: पंचोपचारार्थे गंधाक्षतपुष्पाणि समर्पयामि।

While reciting above Mantra, apply Roli and rice on a flower and offer it along with fragrance to Lord Ganesha.

Step 4: Apply Roli and rice to a flower and offer it to Lord Ganesha while repeating the aforementioned mantra.

ऊँ अम्बिकायै नम: पंचोपचारार्थे गंधाक्षतपुष्पाणि सर्मपयामि।।

Step 5: Chanting the next Mantra will help you to remember Lord Narasimha. Apply Roli and rice to a flower and offer it to Lord Narasimha while saying the mantra below.

ऊँ नृसिंहाय नम: पंचोपचारार्थे गंधाक्षतपुष्पाणि समर्पयामि।।

Step 6: Now recite the following mantra while thinking of Prahlada, the devotee. Apply Roli and rice to a flower and give it to the devotee Prahlada while repeating the mantra below.

ऊँ प्रह्लादाय नम: पंचोपचारार्थे गंधाक्षतपुष्पाणि समर्पयामि।।

Step 7: Now, while saying the following mantra, stand in front of Holi with your hands folded and ask for the fulfilment of your wishes.

असृक्पाभयसंत्रस्तै: कृता त्वं होलि बालिशै:

अतस्त्वां पूजयिष्यामि भूते भूतिप्रदा भव:।।

It implies that Holika was made by some stupid, impressionable individuals who lived in continual fear of blood-sucking demons. I therefore worship you and aspire to power, wealth, and prosperity.

Step 8: Offer rice, colognes, flowers, and unbreakable items. To Holika, add moong lentils, chunks of turmeric, coconut, and bharbholiye (a garland made of dried cow dung also known as Gulari and Badkula). The Holika is circumambulated by three, five, or seven rounds of raw yarn knotted around it. The water pot should then be emptied in front of the Holika pile.

Step 9: Holika suffers burns as a result. Typically, Holika is burned at home using the flames from the community bonfire. All men then receive elders’ blessings and wear fortunate Roli marks. People walk about Holika, roasting new crops on the fire as they do so. As Holika Prasad, the roasted grains are served.

The ash from the bonfire is gathered and applied to the body the next morning on the day of wet Holi. The application of the ash is said to purify the body and the soul, and it is seen as religious. Numerous treatments using the ash bonfire are recommended by astrologers.

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