which mean that only bigger vehicles

Drivers need to get their vehicle and themselves checked out every six months, to ensure that they are fit and healthy enough to drive.

The government has introduced rules on the type of vehicle drivers must use, which mean that only bigger vehicles can be used. Most drivers will have to undergo a physical assessment which should include an eye test, blood pressure test and a blood sample test to check for diabetes.

There is also a legal requirement for every new driver to sit HGV Medical an online theory test to make sure they know the rules of the road. This is a bit like taking a crash course in driving.

However, you can pay extra to sit the test alongside your car insurance. Drivers who have no insurance or whose car insurance doesn’t cover them will have to pay £160 for a full physical examination and £40 per year in general fund for medical insurance.

The government will then send you a letter confirming that you’ve been checked out and you’re insured.

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