How online video consultation with doctors work?

online telemedicine in 2023

Doctors are very important in our lives.


But sometimes they or we travel and meeting with them seems impossible. In the 21 st century we have the answer to that question as well. Technological development provided us with the connection. And now we can study, work and consult a doctor online.

Doctor consultation online is a great thing for every patient and doctor as well. Doctors can follow the development of the patient’s disease or the treatment process. 

And patients can do online doctor consultation with their favorite doctor and not some new, unfamiliar doctor. 


How does this work?

Doctor-patient video consultations are becoming more common. In this blog, we’ve discussed the advantages of adopting virtual technology for doctor consultations.

Many patients have benefited from the transition to video consultations, and most clinics plan to continue using them in the future.

Many doctors were first skeptical and were obliged to conduct consultations via a video chat link. However, as lockdowns continue to make accessing clinics difficult and dangerous, we have witnessed a global adoption of remote consultations. Despite the fact that the transition was rapid, doctors are now embracing technology in order to retain patient business.


Advantages and disadvantages of online consultation

In this technological age, no one wants to wait in large lines to see a doctor. That is why online doctor consultation is so popular these days. By providing healthcare services online, the Internet has simplified our lives. Most people like to accomplish things from the convenience of their own homes, which is why they choose online medical consultations.


Saving time and energy is one of the most significant advantages of online medical consultation. When you go to a doctor’s office, you must first wait in line to arrange an appointment, then once you get a prescription, you must wait again to pick up medication. When you consult a doctor online, you avoid having to wait in a long line to arrange an appointment and then wait for your turn, which saves you time.

Another advantage of online medical consultation is that you do not have to worry about time or location. No concerns if there is an emergency and you need to see a doctor at midnight! You can visit a doctor online at any time because doctors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Furthermore, whether you are at home, the office, or on vacation, you can seek medical treatment from anywhere, at any time.

 Many people are embarrassed to speak with a doctor face to face. Many women, for example, are afraid of physical diagnosis when visiting a Gynecologist. There is no physical inspection when you consult a Doctor online, so you are not embarrassed and may speak confidently with the Doctor.

Another advantage of online medical consultation is that you can consult with a variety of doctors. The separate websites individually verify the doctors, and if you merely want to confirm the diagnosis of your prior doctor, you can always get a second opinion about your ailment with an online consultation.



One downside of online medical consultation is that the Doctor cannot physically diagnose the patient. To make a diagnosis, doctors physically examine the patient. Some people are humiliated by this, yet it helps doctors make an accurate diagnosis. Because the Doctor cannot do a physical examination during the online session, an incorrect diagnosis may ensue.

Patients are sometimes unable to explain their difficulties to the Doctor. Miscommunication may occur if the patient is unable to provide correct information about the symptoms because he or she is unaware of them. This can make a correct diagnosis difficult for the clinician.

It is impossible to assess the quality of doctors through internet consultation. Of course, websites provide qualified doctors for online consultation, but their quality cannot be accurately assessed. This is due to the websites’ limited choices for evaluating the quality of care and provider associations. You cannot know the doctors’ past records, making it difficult to pick the finest doctor for consultation. 


 Online medical consultation has provided a new avenue for drug addicts. There are many fraudulent websites out there that specialize in selling cheap prescription drugs online. Another problem with choosing online medical consultation is that many websites offer prescription medications unethically.

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