How to Fix Linksys Velop Red Light Issue?

Linksys Velop Red Light

Linksys Velop WiFi mesh system is meant to help you get rid of the WiFi dead zones in the home. You need to set it up at home after purchasing so that you can access its network. Are you facing Linksys Velop red light issue after setup or firmware update? Well, worry not! This is the most common issue that many Linksys Velop users report. This helpful article will help you by providing correct information on how you can fix the issue that you are currently facing. Without wasting any more precious time of yours, let us commence the process.

Tips to Solved Linksys Velop Red Light Issue

During the set up process of the Linksys Velop mesh system, you need to place the Velop parent node near the existing router or modem. After the setup is accomplished, you can relocate the parent node to a new place. After you relocate the Velop, you might see a red light on it. This can also happen after the firmware is updated. This happens because the automatic WAN port detection gets disabled on the parent node. You will also stop accessing the internet due to this. Do this to fix this issue:

Reconnect the Devices

You now need to reconnect the device as they were connected earlier. Let us explain it to you further. While the setup was going on, you must have connected the modem to the parent node using an Ethernet cable. You must have inserted it into a port on the node which becomes the fixed WAN port and the other port becomes the fixed LAN port. Now after you are done with the Linksys Velop setup, if by any chance you have tried reconnecting the modem to the other port then the Linksys Velop node will not go online and thus shows red light. You can get this fixed by connecting the modem to the correct port into which it was earlier connected. The Velop red light should turn blue now. If it does not then try the next hack.

Reboot the Linksys Velop

Reboot the Linksys Velop

Some technical bugs might stop the red light issue from leaving the Velop. Thus, simply reboot the Linksys Velop right away. Your Velop will also get a fresh start this way. Thus get near your Linksys Velop parent node and turn it off immediately. You don’t have to worry about the reboot process, as there is no harm to the Velop with this. Disconnect the Velop parent node from the power source. You need to wait for some time now. After a couple of minutes, plug it into the power socket. Turn the power button on. After the reboot process is completed, we are very sure that the Linksys Velop red light issue will no more be troubling you.

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Wrap Up

This is how you can quickly fix the Linksys Velop red light issue with some easy troubleshooting steps. Make it a note that you keep the firmware of the Linksys Velop updated to the recent version to enhance its performance. Simply access the Velop login page using http://myrouter.local and update the firmware.

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