Important items you will need while hiking or backpacking in North America

quilts for backpacking

Backpacking and hiking are fast becoming a very popular adventure sport all across the North American region. More and more people are taking up these activities because not only do they allow you to get much closer to nature and feel peaceful but because once you have the basic equipment for these, the actual activity is pretty much free of cost.

However, it is very important for you to ensure that you only get the best quality equipment, like quilts for backpacking, trail mix etc, particularly when you plan to do hiking or backpacking for multiple days including having to stay outdoors overnight for one or more nights in a row when you may need tent or sleeping quilt. Here are the absolute basics of the equipment you must have for these outdoor activities.

Basic Equipment For Walking and Resting

First and foremost, it is very important to have a walking stick. There are a number of companies which make and sell hiking sticks and online and offline adventure and sports stores are filled with sticks of different price range and quality level. Many people think that they are too young to need a walking stick. However, when you are hiking on a rocky path or a path which is slippery, a walking stick will be of immense use.

You can use it to ensure that you do not slip and fall and get injured in any manner when you are rather far away from medical support of any kind, particularly important when you are hiking alone. Another very important piece of kit that you need to get for hiking outdoors, like mountain trails or in national parks where you may be out overnight for one or more nights is to get quilts for backpacking.

When choosing a quilt for your trip it is very important that you go for high quality products that last long and can sustain outdoor use over stretched periods of time. It is also very important to make sure that you check the weather conditions and temperature range of the area where you will be out hiking. Ensure that all the quilts for backpacking are made as per temperature range. Carrying a lower temperature rated quilt will mean that you will carry unnecessary load. Carrying a higher rated quilt will mean that if the temperature falls below quilt range you will end up being too cold. Check with the manufacturer about the best quilts for the temperature range in your area.

Ensuring basic shelter and food while out

Tent with a sleeping quilt is another thing that you should carry with you while travelling. You can buy a tent and a quilt separately though many companies and online sellers will also provide you a good combination at attractive prices. With a tent and a sleeping quilt, you can be assured that in case of having to stay out in some kind of inclement weather, you will not be left at the mercy of nature.

A durable tent can keep you safe from rains and even small hailstorms and a sleeping quilt will keep you warm and comfortable. Further it is very important to carry some packets of trail mix and water bottle with you while trekking. A trail mix is a healthy and wholesome food which does not require any preparation and can be very filling as well as packed with energy. Try to get various trail mix combinations for taste change. Similarly, it is very important to carry a water bottle with half a gallon of clean drinking water in it. For more you can carry straw-based water filters.

Over and above these, you may carry your phone, a power bank, extra pair of socks, a loud whistle, a small lighter as well as a few paper towels.

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