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It is a fact that in every piece of writing, you need to follow some or other rule to make it perfect. Similarly, while working on a dissertation literature review, you need to follow the 5C rule to make it appropriate. So, wondering what this guideline is. Do not worry; this article is created to explain this in detail. These C’s are clarity, cogency, conventionality, concision, and completeness. Read further to learn them deeply:

What Are the 5 C’s?


It is the first and foremost thing that comes in the entire writing process. Without clarity, you cannot explain what you want to. Many times, students use fancy and complex words to showcase their vocabulary, but they end up messing things up. So, to make your dissertation literature review effective and understandable, you need to make it simple and clear. Academic writing always follows the rule of “less is more.” When you want to explain a complicated topic and use difficult words, you cannot do it. But when you use clear and simple words to explain something, you will be able to do it.


Cogency, or the logic or argument, is one of the main elements that you must consider while working on a literature review for dissertation. Generally, arguments follow a pattern to identify one or more pieces of evidence, make assumptions, and draw a conclusion. These are as follows:


Test designers should provide tests that are fair to Code Editor all students, regardless of their demographic differences (e.g., colour, ethnicity, or gender).


Specific research studies demonstrate that some well-known assessments produce unequal results for students based on race and ethnicity.


To address this issue, test developers should try to understand why certain students are treated unfairly on certain tests.


You must have noticed that each write-up you come across has a unique writing style, formatting, structure, spacing, font size, style, tone, capitalization, and more. But while working on a literature review for dissertation, you must follow the guidelines provided by your professor. If you do not consider this, your document might get rejected, and you might have to make a new one. So conventionality in all the formal pieces is a must.


You must elaborate on your writing to address all of the key issues and doubts that your readers may have, as the purpose of academic work is to inform a wide audience and to hold up under the examination of various sets of eyes. In order for your writing to stand up to the scrutiny of even the most critical reader, you must not only present an argument. In addition it might be persuasive to a small number of readers but also include enough information and explanation. That is, you should write for your worst critic rather than your biggest supporter.


Many times, these formal documents like a dissertation literature review come with a strict word limit that you must follow. There can be any reason behind this, but you must follow it, no matter what. One of the biggest reasons that you are given this limit is that no one wants to read a never-ending document. In this busy world, everyone wants to get information on the go. So just make it concise but effective as well.

Tips for Writing a Literature Review

Rule 1: Define a Topic

Defining the topic is a crucial thing to consider while writing a literature review for dissertation. Without this, the audience will not be able to understand the subject you are writing about. So, start with briefing the topic in short.

Rule 2: Research the Literature

As writing a dissertation is a lengthy process, you need to keep track of all the updates happening in that particular field. You have to check for these in a few days, and accordingly shape your arguments.

Rule 3: Take Notes While Reading

It is the most basic but most effective rule that you must follow while working on a dissertation literature review. Following this rule, you will be able to include all the important pointers that you have noted down in the reading phase.

Rule 5: Keep the Review Focused

It is a fact that everyone only wants to know the gist or the main points; no one wants to read the entire story. So, you have to ensure that you only stick to the focal point and do no to get diverted to make it lengthy.


This was what you needed to know about the 5C’s while working on a dissertation literature review. Incorporating these into your document will definitely make sure you impress your professor and score better grades. Although these rules might look technical, they are the easiest, once you understand them.

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