Why are today’s students under so much pressure?

students under so much pressure



We’d like to explain why today’s students are so stressed. If we talk about it, then there can be many reasons behind it. Whom will we discuss in this article today? as everyone knows. There is so much competition in everything in the twenty-first century. Today’s students take the steam off the competition inside them before thinking of doing anything. In today’s world, getting anything requires a lot of hard work and patience. And it is now much easier for students to obtain anything. And that is why we are telling you about Horizon Academy, the best NEET coaching institute in East Delhi. How much pressure is there on today’s students?

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as you are all aware. It is not easy to get anything in today’s world. We have already told you above. How much competition has increased in every field? And in this too, students study hard to fulfil their dreams.

Reasons why students are under so much pressure

There can be many reasons for this. Why do today’s students live with so much stress? The reason is the most common of these.Students are judged by their marks. Even today, there are many such parents in India. who put pressure on their children to get more marks. I don’t know why marks are given so much importance in our society. despite the fact that it should be.Students with lower grades can be intelligent as well.And not only parents, but teachers also give more importance to the students who get more marks. Because our education system is only like this. More importance is given to theoretical knowledge than our practical knowledge.


And apart from this, there are many external reasons as well. like thinking extra to get anything, and then the pressure of that thing comes. And then there are many reasons to prepare for your exam. Due to this, the students live under a lot of pressure.

If we talk about whose fault it is, So the names of the parents of the students will appear in this. Parents should not pressurise their children to do anything. They should make their children do the same things in which they are interested. This will also reduce the pressure on the students. And they will also be able to make their dreams come true.


Although we at Horizon Academy, the best NEET coaching institute in East Delhi, have told you why today’s students are under so much pressure, And we have also discussed the important points behind it. as there is pressure from many exams on the students. like an entrance exam, board exam, etc.

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