9 Most Famous male models with tattoos

male models with tattoos

In the past, tattoos were only ever connected with social classes who were deemed to be degenerate. There was no category for male models with tattoos. It was only the bothersome and dangerous who openly displayed their permanent art, from gang members to pirates and prisoners, a strategy used to make sure that others would not try to irritate or take advantage of them.

A stigma was developed around tattoos as a result of the approach, which was essential during a period in history when people had to struggle to exist, and this stigma persisted throughout history until a new generation of daring, expressive artists began to shatter the stereotype.

Currently, 47% of millennials have at least one tattoo on their body, and the fashion industry is largely to blame for this. Powerful fashion houses like Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel, and Moschino argued against the widespread belief that having tattoos and decorating your body would make it difficult for you to find employment by displaying models who proudly wore their ink on the most prestigious runways in the world at a time when people were still unsure of body art’s place in society.

As time went on, getting a male models with tattoos was no longer a deal breaker; instead, agencies welcomed it as a form of self-expression and a requirement for growing their rosters and brands. As commercials and high-end publications began to feature tattoos, their popularity skyrocketed, and millennials and tattoo artists felt empowered by the industry’s transformation.

Even if they weren’t always regarded as safe, tattoos were seen as edgy and unique, giving their owners an extra element of cool. Lady Gaga’s music videos and print magazines like Vogue highlighted and featured models like Jimmy Q and Rick Genest. As time went on, male models with tattoos began to become more than simply props for female supermodels in the industry; they began to gain a reputation for their outstanding and stylish appearances.

Following that, here are some of the popular male models with tattoos. These men revolutionized the industry by encouraging a more robust, gritty aspect of high fashion rather than emphasizing feminine, androgynous models.

List of male models with tattoos

Levi Stocke

Levi Stocke is a male model with tattoos who is signed with LA Models, D1 Models London, and Kult Germany. His work with well-known companies like Diesel and H&M, as well as his appearance in a Sprint Super Bowl commercial, are some of his career highlights. Levi has achieved extraordinary success on Instagram, though; he has just over 600k followers and uses his platform to secure TV and commercial contracts.

Josh Mario John

The world-famous model Josh John works as a social worker on a daily basis. He has collaborated with amazing legends like Carmen Dell’Orefice and Stacey McKenzie, and has been captured in photographs by Lane Dorsey and Bruce Weber. He was able to land editorial shoots for prestigious print publications like Elle, Rolling Stone, and Maxim because of being a male models with tattoos and striking appearance, which led businesses like Diesel to start working with him right away.

Andre Hamann

One of the most looked male models with tattoos in the entire world is Andre Hamann. Since being spotted working as a retail clerk in Vienna, Andre has gone a long way, amassing over a million Instagram followers and friendships with celebrities like Selena Gomez. Since then, he has collaborated with famous worldwide labels like Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana, and Diesel while also conjuring up his own clothing line, Haze & Glory.

Mateus Verdelhomv

Mateus Verdelhomv is considered one of the most well-known male models with tattoos in the current fashion world, having appeared in advertisements for Dazed, Penguin, and Havianas. Since being noticed in an Abercrombie & Fitch advertisement as a young, inexperienced model, he has carved out a niche for himself in the industry. Due to his tattoos, he has become one of the industry’s most well-respected creatives, and his professionalism gives the impression that his creativity comes naturally.

Toby Leonard

Once you see Toby Leonard’s face, you won’t be able to forget it. This British male models with tattoos burst onto the fashion scene after appearing in publications for GQ and Vogue. He has a striking, even gaudy appearance. He has been named one of the top style icons in the business, and agencies and brands adore him for his hard efforts and commitment to staying as genuine to his work as possible.

Stephen James

Former professional soccer player Stephen James is now best recognized for the tattoos that cover his body. They feature memento mori, mandalas, lifelike images of historical figures, and religious symbols. When James joined Storm modeling agency, it was only a matter of time before he made his fashion debut. James has since been establishing a name for himself by working for prestigious companies like Calvin Klein and emulating supermodel influencers like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Rands.

Jimmy Q

Jimmy Q is the person who first introduced male models with tattoos. Jimmy was a phenomenal skateboarder growing up, earning contracts to go pro at an early age. He was born in Venice, Los Angeles. He was instantly recognized by the fashion world as a bad boy with a secretive personality as he began to cover his body in tattoos and develop his own particular style. He signed with Select models, and since then, he has walked the NYFW runway and appeared in countless editorials for publications like Nylon and Vogue.

Diego Barrueco

Unlike tattooed male models in fashion, Diego Barrueco wasn’t spotted on the street. Instead, he was discovered on Tumblr, and in 2013 he relocated to London to further his modeling career. Since then, he has been featured in publications like Wonderland and has photographed editorial campaigns for well-known companies like Pull & Bear.

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Billy Huxley

Billy Huxley used to be a roof-repair laborer. He was once spotted by a modeling scout while unemployed and on the edge of going bankrupt. At a period when most male models looked very different from him, Billy shook up the fashion business because of his endearing accent, his well-groomed beard, and the hundreds of tattoos that cover his body. However, this ended up being to his advantage because he was able to sign with Models1 UK and have a very successful career working with supermodels like Cara Delevigne.

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