Cruise Wear For Men: Men’s Packing List For A Cruise

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Most people always have a packing list for women, but men also need it for their cruise vacations. We have developed a comprehensive list of what men should always pack for a cruise. It will help you stay ready and organized while ensuring you do not forget nothing.

In this list, we have included what men should have for the warm Caribbean weather alongside other cruise items that will ensure that your packing and the stay on your cruise will be much easier.

What Should Men Wear On A Cruise Ship?

Men should pack for the evening and daytime activities.


Most cruise lines go to warm weather, such as Bermuda, Mexico and the Bahamas, which all call for casual wear throughout the day. When packing, pack a bathing suit for the sea days and chill by the pool onboard. 

For the beach shore excursions, be sure to pack some t-shirts and shorts. Do not forget to pack comfortable sandals, walking shoes, or flip-flops for the pool.


When packing, it is essential to consider the cruise line’s dress code. This will be the starting point on what to plan for the evening wear. Cruise ships have had formal nights for a very long time, and cruises only recently became less formal.

Most cruises will, however, have one or two formal nights where you must dress up for the evenings. You will be expected to wear suits, dress shirts or dress pants here. Ensure that you pack your dress socks, shoes and belt.

On other evenings you will be required to wear a smart casual or casual dress code. Here most men will be in jeans, dark pants or beige chinos with a polo-style shirt. For restaurants and dining rooms onboard, you will be required to wear what you typically wear when going to a nice restaurant.

What Should You Consider Before Packing For A Cruise?

It would be best to consider important factors before choosing what to pack for your cruise ship. Some of these considerations include the following:

  • Your choice of clothes depends on the weather conditions of the port your will be passing through.
  • If you are passing through hot climates, you should pack short-sleeved shirts and shorts in a light natural fabric.
  • If you are cruising to colder climates such as Alaska, you must pack long-sleeved shirts, trousers and a jacket.
  • Layers will be a great way to cope if you anticipate weather changes. For instance, wear a heavy jacket over a T-shirt or fleece.
  • Consider all the activities you will be expected to perform when you are off the ship. What type of clothing or footwear will you need?
  • Check the dress code of the cruise line. Different cruise lines have different dress codes that they adhere to. Sports and beachwear are usually not allowed in the evening. For the evenings, you will need to wear ties and jackets.
  • We recommend you pack clothes that are friendly for your waist. Cruises serve a lot of food, and you must be very comfortable even when indulging more than you should.
  • Wear your bulkiest clothes when travelling and pack the rest in your suitcases. This way you will leave more space for more clothes in your suitcase.

Men’s Packing List For A Cruise Vacation

Here is a men’s packing list for a seven-day cruise to guide you. You can decide to bring more or less depending on how you plan to do your laundry and how often you plan to be changing:

  • Three pairs of socks
  • Underwear
  • Six t-shirts
  • Three bathing suits
  • Two pyjamas
  • Two pairs of jeans
  • Workout clothes
  • Two khakis
  • One suit
  • Four polo-style shirts
  • Two dress shirts
  • Belt
  • A tie
  • Flip flops or sandals
  • Casual shoes
  • Dress shoes
  • Hat or baseball cap
  • A light jacket or a sweatshirt

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