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The CBSE class 12 board tests in 2022 are quickly approaching. Students of schools in Baner attempt to concentrate on being calm despite the high level of anxiety during this frenetic period of preparation. The best course of action at this point is to plan ahead and ensure that you have covered every topic in every subject, no matter how minor it may seem. 

A Pune CBSE school preparation strategy is often helpful in situations like this. You need to first assess your familiarity with the CBSE class 12 syllabus. You will gain a better understanding of the proper preparation methods for the 12th board exam. 

50% of the syllabus will be covered on the term 2 exams. The exam will last 120 minutes and be administered in a subjective manner. Now that you are aware of the curriculum you should concentrate on, let’s look at the study schedule and the approach to preparing for the board exam for schools in Baner.


Exam strategy and study plan for the CBSE Class 12

As soon as the syllabus is finished, you should ideally start preparing for your CBSE class 12 exam for term 2.

1. Get ready in advance

You’ve probably heard the expression “The early bird gets the worm.” It implies that the person who shows up early has a better chance of succeeding. You must start getting ready as soon as your academic year starts, keeping this in mind. The first few months will be spent thoroughly learning and comprehending each idea. 

You may improve your foundation by doing this. Once you have covered the fundamentals in detail, studying and reviewing the relevant material will help you be completely prepared for your tests. Students sometimes take it easy throughout the first few months of their 12th grade year and don’t start studying until it’s too late. 

Setting up a daily study regimen at the start of the 12th grade will guarantee that you are ready for your tests in time.

2. Understand your curriculum and the exam format

Knowing the syllabus and exam format helps me comprehend some crucial details, such as which chapters receive the most exam questions. which subjects are simpler to study and which are more challenging. 

By doing so, you can set aside more time to revise the crucial chapters or topics, put more effort into the challenging ones, and devote less time to the simpler ones.

3. Gather all required materials. 12th-grade study guides

As you prepare for the board exams, be sure to have all of the necessary study materials on hand. The list of study resources you will require is as follows:

Reading materials for all subjects

  1. All-subject CBSE Class 12 solutions 
  2. Class 12 grading scheme
  3. Class 12 papers from previous years
  4. Class 12 test series and question bank

4. Create a study schedule.

Create a study plan after gathering all of your study materials. It is a crucial strategy for CBSE preparation. Make sure to give the challenging or crucial topics and themes priority. Set aside one to two hours for uninterrupted study time, followed by a break. Your study schedule shouldn’t feel overly busy to you. 

Create a strategy based on your capabilities. A strategy that works for you will enable you to study effectively without becoming overly tired.

5. Pick a Realistic Goal

You should be aware of how extensive the CBSE class 12 syllabus is. It cannot be finished in one sitting without wearing you out. Avoid making elaborate study plans. Establish a realistic goal and finish your rewrite in chunks. Set daily or weekly goals and allow enough time for you to finish your schoolwork.

6. Take revision notes and address further issues

At the conclusion of each chapter, make a note of the main idea. Theorems, formulas, and techniques should be prepared in a separate book, and problems or questions should be answered at the end of each chapter. Before going on to the following chapter, solve more problems pertaining to that idea once you have thoroughly understood it.

7. Take Breaks 

You should take a 10- to 15-minute break every two hours to renew your mind and body; otherwise, you risk becoming physically and psychologically exhausted. Regular breaks will increase your productivity and keep the rhythm going.

8. Remain calm

The key to studying for the CBSE class 12 board exams is to be calm. Anxiety, worry, and stress won’t ever be helpful to you. These will make it harder for you to prepare for your exams and drain your energy. You can reduce anxiety and enhance focus and memory by meditating for at least 15 minutes each day.

9. Refuse Distractions.

The smart phone is currently the main source of distraction. Its continuous notifications and pings are a big distraction while studying. When studying, turn off or disable all of your notifications on your phone and put it in a different room. You will be able to give your academics your all and feel satisfied as a result.

10. If you’re not feeling well, change the plan.

Change your study strategy if you feel it isn’t working for you. You hardly ever have a couple hours after school to study. Plan that time accordingly.

11. Complete more test questions

When you have finished reviewing the full curriculum, begin tackling the exam problems.

12. Become more time-conscious

You can gain time management skills by studying the study material and completing previous years’ exam questions. Additionally, it will help you solve issues faster during the final exams.



You can better prepare for your class 12 board exams by using the above CBSE board study advice from Pune CBSE School. Additionally, you’ll be mentally prepared, so you won’t be bothered by your anxiety. Before tests, having self-assurance will help you tackle the questions wonderfully and improve your chances of success. Best wishes for you!

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