Brain games and exercises that improve cognitive abilities in stroke patients

stroke rehab

Going through a stroke is not easy. Stroke fatalities account for 25% of all cases. Life-altering disabilities brought on by a stroke may occur. If you survive a stroke, you might have trouble moving around and using your muscles. On the other hand, the effects can be reduced with prompt medical attention during the stroke and then prompt rehabilitation. Better rehab also encourages a quick recovery from a stroke.

The rehab process can be a combination of many things. Brain Games for stroke rehabilitation are one of the best things to recover from stroke and regain motor skills. In addition to that VR meditation is good at providing relaxation. You can have a combination of different therapy and medication depending on your mental and physical condition.

Within a year of the initial stroke, many people experience a second one. But the possibility can be avoided with the right rehabilitation programs. Additionally, there are a variety of brain games available that can be played to stimulate the brain and speed up recovery.

Every person reacts differently to a stroke. The design of the rehabilitation program will depend on its severity. To aid in the recovery from all types of strokes, we have compiled some of the top brain games here.

Best Brain Games

The games listed below are appropriate for stroke victims who are having serious cognitive problems. Without wearing a patient out, but with a light challenge to their memory or concentration they benefit from playing these games.

But despite not having been initially created with stroke patients in mind, all of these games are enjoyable and support greater independence and mobility.

1. Board Games

It’s time to play your favorite board games from your youth and indulge in some nostalgia, believe it or not. Classic board games like Chess, Monopoly, and Scrabble are some of the best for reviving a variety of brain functions like concentration, reasoning, organization, and memory.

Additionally, the fact that all these games require a partner provides an excuse to socialize with friends or loved ones, which can aid in a stroke survivor’s recovery. You can also add Carom board, Crokinole, and Sjoelbak to the list.

2. Memory Games

Other kiddie games besides Monopoly can aid in stroke recovery. Memory exercises can sharpen your focus and challenge your brain, and games like Simon and Tap It, Remember and Match can do just that. These games give players a brief sequence to follow, and with each successful round, the sequence gets longer. Bop It is one memory game that also requires physical responses.

You must move specific parts of the handheld device when playing Bop It. While some people with motor skill impairment may find this challenging, it can aid those who have had strokes in regaining some strength and movement. Scrabble is another game that will push you down memory lane to find new words to complete win the game.

3. Strategy Games

To play and win at some board games and computer games, you may need to use critical thinking and strategy skills. You must plan and make wise decisions in order to win games like Catan and Ticket to Ride as well as traditional favorites like Mahjong and Yahtzee.

Sudoku and other classic games like crossword puzzles can also sharpen your mind. In addition to that you can consider chess and battleship as well, however, do not forget the power of playing cards.

Brain Exercises

1. Embrace Art and Craft

One of the many methods that can help people receive guidance and improve their emotional and mental health is art therapy. In art therapy, expressive language is used to interact with the conscious and unconscious minds. It promotes the creation of constructive coping mechanisms.

Insight, empathy, and acceptance of others’ struggles in life can all be fostered by therapy. It might help to advance one’s capacity for problem-solving.

Traumatic experiences can be examined, handled, and clarified through art therapy. a wide range of artistic mediums, including mosaic painting, sculpture, music, and painting, that can be used to treat both physical and mental illnesses.

2. Start New Hobbies

Every person has dreams when they are young, but we frequently bury them in the name of responsibility. Try to recall the last hobby you had aspirations of engaging in before experiencing a stroke. Starting something new may seem difficult at first. However, you will become more confident as you practice more. Memory and communication skills are needed when picking up a new hobby or skill.

For these skills, you might also need to use your arms, hands, or even legs. This may also aid in muscle growth and the recovery of some motor skills. You might discover your potential and find relief from the pain in your body and mind by taking up sign language, scrapbooking, gardening, photography, or journal writing.

3. VR Benefits

Depending on the severity, a stroke can take weeks or even months to recover from. However, according to experts, it could take a person between one and two years to improve. But cognitive exercises and games have a better recovery rate than the patient does not take into account.

Additionally, a patient may think about using virtual reality, which promises an immersive experience and improved engagement, for better outcomes.

Brain games for stroke rehabilitation can be developed with VR and present an immersive setting. Additionally, VR meditation can aid in coping with the trauma and mental illness associated with post-stroke.

Final Thoughts

According to the American Stroke Association, 10% of stroke survivors fully recover and return to their previous way of life. A minor impairment may affect 25% of people, and moderate difficulty may affect 40%. 10% of people, however, may experience severe changes after a stroke and require life-long care and assistance.

The degree of damage caused by a stroke will determine how long it takes for a person to recover, but with the right care and exercise, many things can be restored. To receive better advice and support, do bring up brain games and exercises with your doctor. Source: healthline

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