Finding The Right Vape Kit For Your Vaping Style

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Is it hard to pick the right vape kit from thousands of devices? If you have trouble finding a suitable vape for yourself,  you are not alone! There are many people out there who cannot easily choose the right device for themselves. It’s completely alright if you cannot make a decision about your preferred kit. 

Type Of Vape Kits:

So many advancements have occurred in the vaping industry over the last few years. The vaping world has become broader and wider, and also there is a kit for almost every level of vaper. Mainly there are two types of vape kits available on the market:

Read on to learn more about these kits.

  • Vape Pod Kits Support MTL Vaping Style:

Mouth-to-lung (MTL) is a style of vaping in which a vaper first inhale the vapour into the mouth and then gradually takes it to the lungs. This kind of vaping is more popular among smokers who want to quit smoking. 

Generally, an MTL vape pod kit uses nic salt e-liquids. You can inhale nic salt e-juices through an MTL vape device in higher concentrations. A coil that is used to heat the e-juices in an MTL vape kit is known as plus ohm coil. The resistance of the coil in this kit is above 1ohm, i.e., 1.04, 2.67 and etc. Since the device used plus ohm coil, it is, therefore, sometimes referred to as plus ohm device.

An MTL vape uses e-juices with a 50/50 PG/VG ratio or high PG concentration. The device is perfect for those looking to switch to vaping to quit smoking. It is simpler to use and also easy to carry. Plus, it does not take much of your space and can quickly go inside a pocket or a bag.

  • Advanced Vape Kits Support DTL Vaping Style:

Direct To Lung (DTL) is a style of vaping in which a user directly inhales the vapour into the lung. This kind of vaping is well-liked among avid vapers. You can enjoy the DTL vaping style using an advanced vape kit.

Nic salt e-liquids are not recommended for DTL vape devices. You cannot use a high-power vape device if you want to inhale nic salt e-liquid. A higher VG concentration is preferred with the DTL vape device. However, if you lower the wattage of your DTL vape device, you can inhale the 50/50 PG/VG e-liquid.

The coil used in most DTL kits is called a sub-ohm coil. These coils have a resistance lower than 1ohm, and that’s why they are reffered to as sub-ohm coils, i.e., 0.1ohm and 0.5ohm. These devices are often used by cloud chasers.

Choose A  Vape Kit According To Your Taste:

If you are looking for a device that helps you quit smoking, then an MTL or vape pod kits is better for you. However, if you love chucking on huge clouds, then a DTL or advanced vape kit is best for you.

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