Is Molly Rehab Expensive?

Is Molly Rehab Expensive?

Are you curious about how much a Molly addiction treatment costs? It’s a common question asked by many, especially those who are seeking treatment. They wonder if they can afford the cost of treatment, and what ways they can finance them.


In this article, we’re going to talk about the cost of treating Molly addiction. We want you to understand the cost of rehab, and that there are factors influencing the amount you’ll pay for a rehab center.  Please visit EMRGENT Inc for more info.

What’s the Average Treatment Cost for Molly Addiction?

When it comes to the cost of addiction treatment, there’s no straightforward answer. It always depends on certain things, like the rehab center, and the kind of treatment you’re getting. 


But so far, the average cost is between $2,000 to $30,000. Below are other price estimates for treating Molly abuse:


  • $200 to $800 daily for a 30-day detox program
  • $1,400 to $10,000 for a 3-month outpatient program
  • $3,000 to $10,000 for a month of an extensive outpatient treatment plan
  • $5,000 to $80,000 for a residential treatment plan


This is costly if you pay out of pocket, so the best thing you need to do is to get state sponsorship for treatment. If you have healthcare insurance, that would take care of some portions of the bill.

What are the Factors Influencing the Cost of Molly Rehab?

Here are the main variables to affect the overall cost of your Molly addiction treatment:


  • Location of the rehab center: If the rehab center is near your home, that will make the cost of your treatment expensive. If it’s outside the state you’re living in, expect to have additional expenses for lodging.
  • The kind of treatment: There are different kinds of rehab treatment programs, and your doctor will be the one to determine which one you need to take. So far, the most expensive would be an inpatient rehab program since you will be staying inside the facility and getting extensive care for your Molly addiction.
  • The kind of rehab facility: This refers to inpatient and outpatient rehab centers. The more expensive one is the inpatient rehab center since you’ll be staying inside the facility for a specific period suitable for your condition. The more amenities a rehab center has, the higher will be their rates for drug rehab.
  • The size of the rehab program: If you want to get an individual session for your therapy, detox, and medication, expect to pay higher since you have no one to share the doctor’s fee. For instance, individual therapy is more expensive than group therapy sessions.
  • Duration of treatment: The longer your treatment process, the more costly it is. Eventually, you’ll be using the rehab center’s facility for a longer period and the resources they have. They would need to be compensated accordingly for the utilization of these resources. Still, some rehab centers offer discounts or special rates if your treatment program is three months or longer.
  • The amenities present: Some rehab centers have many amenities inside. They have a swimming pool, covered basketball court, tennis court, and massage rooms. The more amenities they have, the higher their rates for treatment.

How to Pay for Your Molly Addiction Treatment?

Your healthcare insurance must be the one to cover first for your treatment. If there’s an excess on payment, that’s where you pay out of pocket. There are many ways for you to cover the cost of treatment, and below are some of your options:


  • Medicaid
  • State-funded healthcare insurance
  • Private healthcare insurance
  • Crowdfunding
  • Donations from charity groups
  • Military healthcare insurance


We understand that not everyone will be fortunate to get insurance. Your best alternative course is to get state-funded insurance for those within the low-income sector of the community. You can also explore other government-funded scholarships for drug rehab.

Is It Worthwhile to Enroll for Rehab Treatment?

Recovering from Molly addiction is never easy, especially if you have done that for quite some time. The longer your addiction is, the harder it’ll be to remove it from your system. This also means your treatment period can be longer, which also makes your treatment cost expensive.


But is it worthwhile to enroll in Molly treatment? So far, around 80 percent is the recovery rate for patients completing their 1-month or 3-month treatment program. After completing their treatment, those that attended a sober living house, around 70 percent of them were able to keep themselves clean for a year.


When you want to recover from Molly addiction, it becomes more effective when you have professional help. Your doctor and therapist are there to help reshape your mind and body. They will train you to develop a positive coping mechanism to resist triggers and stay away from them.


The longer you stay on treatment, the deeper will be your learning to resist temptation and stay clean. This greatly increases your chance of being sober for life, and many of our patients can attest to that. They have successfully maintained their sobriety for a year already after completing their treatment.

How to Prepare for Molly Rehab?

We understand that many are hesitant when it comes to enrolling in treatment. There are many prejudices from society, and the cost is expensive for them. The cost isn’t expensive at all if you have healthcare insurance, or if you get funding from private groups or the government.


You can find ways of financing your treatment if you desire it. There will always be a way, and you can explore in-house financing since some rehab centers are offering them. Click to read more.


To prepare yourself for your drug rehabilitation, you can do the following:

  • Accept that you need external help
  • Accept that you are weak when it comes to saying no to addiction
  • Know the coverage of your healthcare insurance when it comes to covering the cost of your rehab program
  • Find the best rehab facility near you
  • Prepare on how to cover the daily cost of your home or family if you’ll be away from them due to treatment
  • Settle any liabilities on your work or school before going to treatment
  • Have a reliable friend or family to look after your loved ones and home while you’re away for treatment


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