Pneumatic Tube System Cleaning: What should a lay person know

Pneumatic Tube

A pneumatic tube system is a simple network of different tubes that get used to transport tiny sized items such as documents, even cash, and samples in diverse industries such as healthcare, retail, and even banking. These systems make use of compressed air to move the items from one place to another via the tubes. Hence, one thing that becomes absolutely crucial here is the pneumatic tube system cleaning

Yes, you have to understand that with time, these are the systems that can accumulate dust, debris, and even other sort of particles that can simply hinder the smooth operation of the tubes and even drop their efficiency. Therefore, pneumatic tube system type of cleaning is all about the process of removing dirt and even debris from the tubes to upkeep their optimal performance and even avert malfunctions.

There are diverse techniques for cleaning pneumatic tube systems, encompassing using specialized brushes, even vacuums, or compressed air. The cleaning technique used will rely on the type and even size of the system and the particular cleaning needs. Regular cleaning and even maintenance of pneumatic tube systems are somewhat essential to ensure they go on to function effectively, reduce the danger of malfunctions, and even minimalize downtime.

Quick reasons to accommodate this cleaning 

There are many reasons that you should consider cleaning of pneumatic tube system tools and a few of them are like:

Heavy blockages

Dust, debris, and even other sort of particles can accumulate in the tubes and hence causing blockages that avert the items from moving through the system. Such a thing can simply end up or result in delays, lost items, and even reduced system efficiency. So, if you want that there is no such issue with you, you should ensure cleaning of your tubes regularly and this pneumatic system can really help there.


In case the tubes are not cleaned regularly, bacteria, viruses, and even other sort of pathogens can gather in the system. All this increase the risk of contamination and even infection. What is the point if people coming in contact with the tubes and all experience health issues and more? You would not want such a thing to happen right?

Safety is critical 

In some sort of industries, like healthcare, dirty pneumatic tube systems can simply pose a safety risk to patients and even staff, mainly in case contaminated items are transported via the system.

Immense Malfunction

Dirt and debris can easily cause the system’s components to malfunction and this is something that can simply head to downtime, repairs, and even expensive maintenance. You would never want any type of malfunction to take place in your system right?

Decreased level of lifespan

Ah, dirty or filthy pneumatic tube systems are more prone to overall wear and tear, diminishing their lifespan and even boosting the need for replacements and even repairs. So, when you keep the tubes and all clean and hygienic, you can be sure that you boost their overall lifespan.


The bottom line is regular cleaning and maintenance of overall pneumatic tube systems can avert these issues and even promise the system operates efficiently, dependably , and safely. Just get yourself a pneumatic hose tube pipe cleaning gun and get started.

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