Recruitment Compliance: What All You Need to Know About It?

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No matter whether you are running a big or small recruitment agency, it is important to consider some important Recruitment Agency Compliance. This assures that your agency is always compliant with legislation, regulation as well as statutory guidance.


  • What is recruitment compliance?


Recruitment compliance is one of the best ways of inviting, selecting, and appointing suitable applicants for occupations in an association while following the internal policies, usually practices, state as well as universal laws.


At every phase of the hiring process, compliance must be contemplated as it is an essential issue. There are several components that fall under recruitment compliance including data security, scoring & weighting, integration security, checking the background of candidates, GDPR/privacy laws, candidate assessment, and much more.


  • Know the importance of recruitment compliance


Any kind of hindrance in compliance can bring the lead to financial punishments or sanctions. As business survival policies go, assuring your business is compliant with all the required labor laws is necessary.


Remember the more compliant the recruitment procedure is, there is less chance of generating a bad reputation and bad hires.


There are almost 75% of job seekers who consider the brand of an employer before applying for a job. While 80% of talent acquisition managers say that employer branding is known to have a noteworthy impression on the ability to hire the best talent.


  • Metrics of compliance recruitment


Compliance in recruitment is critical and this is the reason why every recruitment agency must consider it. To complaints about the more recruitment procedure, recruitment agencies must evaluate and measure the metrics first.


Here are some metrics of compliance recruitment that can aid you to measure compliance in the recruitment procedure.


  • The new hire attrition rate


The new hire attrition rate is basically the rate of new employees who left the company within 12 months. It is one of the best ways to assess the achievement of candidate attraction and the onboarding procedure.


This also shows that the chosen candidate is a perfect fit for the company that too for a long time. In case, the hire attrition rate is very high then the company must take required action for employee sustainability.


  • Applications to interview ratio


It is the procedure of counting the number of applicants who pass the pre-questions screening and then finally reach the interview stage.


This ratio also assists the company to recognize the level of screening. In case, there are few candidates that reach the interview phase then the screening procedure is tight. On the other hand, if too many candidates pass the screening procedure then the phase requires to be tough.


  • Time for full productivity


Time of productivity is basically the overall time that new hires take in order to become productive by providing the task up to a benchmark that average workers are able to produce in the particular position.


This metric also helps in bringing up several other components of hiring factors such as quality of hire as well as employee satisfaction. An employee with high quality and who feels happy at the office has higher chance to reach the fruitful benchmark that too in a short time.


Organizations with a standard onboarding procedure experience have almost 50% larger new hire productivity.


  • The monetary impact of a bad hire


This term is mainly concerned with the amount that a company spent at the time of hiring an employee that is completely unskilled and undeserving for a position or left the company too early. This is considered a bad hire.


This is the reason, a company must conduct the hiring procedure again with the same hiring budget. Bad hires often disturb the monetary pillar of companies. As a result, HR has to spend more time on backfill.


In a competitive setting, HR experts often see recruiting compliance as the major obstacle to managing. Neglecting recruitment compliance can bring serious trouble for your organization and also harm the brand of your company.


Therefore, if you require any assistance regarding the recruitment agency compliance then you can reach the experts present at Conselium. The professionals here have in-depth knowledge about recruitment compliance.




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