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Do you know about dk rap lyrics? Do you know the source of the lyrics? Do you know who wrote these lyrics? Many questions are trending among people. And it is a critical task; we must answer and educate the readers.

In this article, we will find the primary and essential information about the dk rap lyrics. Let’s find out the vital data and knowledge in the following discussion.

What is DK Rap?

The DK Rap is introducing the famous Nintendo 64 video game Donkey Kong 64. The game was introduced in 1999. The rap was composed by Grant Kirkhope. Andres was the co-writer of the lyrics.

What is the Meaning of the Lyrics?

Many people want to know the meaning of dk rap lyrics. As per the sources, the lyrics described the five characters in the game. In other words, the lyrics described the concept of the game in large extend.

There is other information as well about the song. The DK Rap is the first song of the Donkey King 64 in 1999. The first soundtrack name was “Da Banana Bunch.” It is also said, Kirkhope didn’t want to make the song in a severe tone. But the lyrics received a mixed reception. In the same time lyrics received the “Dubious Award” for their outstanding quality and massive criticism as well. After this, many composers remixed the song in the other Nintendo games, and millions also downloaded the music.

The Preface of dk rap lyrics

You should know about the history of the dk rap lyrics. It will give you the right idea about the song’s lyrics.

As we told you, the lyrics described the five video game characters of Donkey Kong 64. The five characters are- Chunky Kong, Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong, Lanky Kong and Tiny Kong.

The co-writer Andreas took little inspiration from the band Run DMC when working on the song’s lyrics. On the other hand, Kirkhope’s concept was to make the song like an old Donkey Kong song. After much discussion, all agreed with their improvisations and started work on the piece.

Like Kirkhope wrote the tune of the song. Gregg Mayles, Steve Mayles, Chris Peil and Ed Bryan participated in the chorus. In this song, the makers used various types of instruments.

But when the song was ready, it received many criticisms. Like Nintendo was not prepared to take the word “Hell.” Even they wanted to attribute the piece to the Bible.

Nintendo was taken this decision for the audience of the United States. On the other hand, the lyrics also faced a similar incident in Japan. The video game designer Shigesato Itoi only published a Japanese translation on his website.

The Feedback

The song indeed received mixed reviews. If you read the following, you can understand the primary information of the music.

  • The sources said the song received good ratings in ESRB. But it also received harsh criticism for using words like “Hell.”
  • On Oneup.com, Scott Sharkey wrote the song using the hundred per cent reliable method, but it also has “Bad” and “Good” elements.
  • Eventually, Scott stated the lyrics as the worst video game theme. He also noted the songs as “cluelessness.”
  • On Destuctoid, Dale North stated the lyrics as an “obnoxious” song or poetry.
  • N-Gamer of the United Kingdom criticises the song.
  • IGN wrote and described the song as the worst video game theme.
  • But in Japan, the song was performed by a famous Japanese rapper.
  • Even many people also considered the song funny.
  • In recent times the song received much popularity for the the band ABBA.
  • GamesRader’s Bob Mackey argued it is the best video game theme song.

The Remix Version of the Lyrics

But despite all things, the song was remixed by others. While we check the remix facts, we find out the DK Rap was remixed in Super Smash Bros Melee. The composer of the song was Hirokazu Ando.

But when Ando started the remix work, he faced various technical issues. At this time, composer Shogo Sakai and director Masahiro Sakurai immensely helped him. Many told the remix version carried high-speed than the original. Hirokazu used a high tempo. But the mixing and recording were good for the new remix version. The sources said it took two days to make the remix version.

Now you should know the mastermind of the song and lyrics. The music was composed by Grant Kirkhope. You should know about him.

Grant Kirkhope, the Composer of DK Rap

Kirkhope is a Scottish-American music personality. He also works as a voice artist in movies and video games. Grant is a very famous composer and has done some famous works such as Donkey Kong 64, Golden Eye 007, Perfect Dark and Banjo Kazooie. He was also nominated for prestigious awards lick IFMCA, BAFTA and ASCAP awards.

The Early Life of Kirkhope

Grant Kirphope was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. Grant’s mother was a music dancer, and his father was a music fan. From childhood, Kirkhope was influenced by Frank Sinatra and Glenn Miller’s music. At the age of eleven, he learned guitar. Grant also learned classical music.

Later Kirphope attended King James School. He also worked with various music brands after studying at the Royal Northern College of Music. Grant also spent much time with Big Bad Horns. In 1995 Kirkhope joined the famous video game developer company Rare as a composer. The incident changed his life.

While Grant was working with Rare, he started work for DK Rap. Rare was associated with Nintendo in 1994. Rare was considered the best game developer for Nintendo. At this time, Kirkhope was assigned to the music work of Donkey Kong Country. To make the song so realistic, Grant visited Twycross Zoo and observed all the real gorillas in the zoo. Later he started work on music development.

Kirkhope later moved to the United States and took US citizen. He is now staying with his family in California.

Kirkhope’s Best Works 

Killer Instinct 2

Donkey Kong Land 2

Blast Corps

Donkey Kong Land 64

Viva Pinata

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Now note down thedk rap lyrics

“He is the leader of the bunch,

You Know him well.

His coconut gun can fire in the spurts,

If he shoots ya, it is gonna hurt!”

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