Using Icicinetbanking – Benefits and process


ICICI Bank net banking is considered to be a very simple, convenient, and 100% secured network and platform. The Icicinetbanking platform helps you in carrying out numerous types of banking transactions and net banking features in just a few clicks.

Basically, with the help of ICICI bank’s net banking service, you can now say goodbye to all the long lines and unwanted delays for all the banking related services. Icicinetbanking generally helps a person in unlocking various types of benefits and a better lifestyle anytime and anywhere.

So what are you waiting for?

Try out the ICICI net banking platform and its services. The usage of the internet banking platform is just now 4 steps away. We have mentioned the steps below in the article in order to help you out with the process. Have a look at the same and continue reading the article till the end of it.

Step: 1 Call customer care and authenticate yourself. The customer care number is available on the official website of Icicinetbanking.

Step: 2 Now you have to choose self banking and then you have to choose the option of entering your user ID over the platform.

Step: 3 immediately you can generate the password for the Icicinetbanking platform online.

Step: 4 You are all done with your process. Now you can log in to your online account with your user id and the password that you have created.

Features of ICICI Bank’s net banking

Here are some of the major and top most online banking features of ICICI Bank. Have a look at the same.

  1. Account opening
  2. Getting the account information
  3. Applying for debit or credit cards
  4. Applying for loans
  5. Getting insta loans within 5 sec.
  6. Applying for service requests
  7. Updating the account information
  8. Investing in the stock market
  9. Investing in mutual funds
  10. Applying for SIPs.

Though ICICI Bank is upgrading its internet banking features and services on a regular basis itself. Customers are provided with new features and enhanced versions of the application of net banking. However, the login process for all the customers remains the same and unchanged because of their convenience. A person can use their old credentials and the old way of login and using the new and exciting features of ICICI bank net banking, which is automatically detected in the new version.

Features of ICICI Bank’s net banking

Here are some of the major features of online net banking by ICICI Bank. Have a look at the same.

  1. User interface and the navigation 

There is a very great and superior user interface and also the navigation part is wonderful on the platform of icicinetbanking. Basically, a person can find all the account related information at a single place and can also easily access all the service requests through the same platform. Along with the same, all the payments and transactions are transferred very easily. Plus, the transfer options are available over the same menu itself.

  1. Personalised services 

Icicinetbanking provides a personalised and customised kind of solutions to each and every single customer over the platform. New version of the ICICI bank net banking process and platform provides a very customisable dashboard in which you can drag and drop all your queries and services with the proper functionality. Along with that users of ICICI bank net banking services can also set up the homepage shortcuts as per their convenience. Basically, they can add up the shortcut over the homepage, which they very commonly and frequently use.

Along with the same, users can also manage their own profiles very easily over the ICICI Bank net banking platform. They just have to go to what’s more option, and then under that my profile section.

  1. Customer segmentation

The best part of ICICI net banking platform is that customer segmentation is there. It is being developed in such a way that it provides differentiated and distinguished experience to the different segments of the customers.

Basically, they have created a platform in which user experience for all the customers are being targeted with certain features clearly and very easily.

Let us take an example for the same. For the privileged banking customers the links are different. For investment banking customers the wealth insights and management of portfolio links are different. For personal banking and everything the links are completely different. This is why we can say that it is a platform which is being segmented as per the customer requirements.

  1. Simple process for all transactions

Icicinetbanking provides a very simplified and easy transaction process. This simplified transaction process by ICICI net banking portal helps a person to experience a comfortable and convenient transaction process. Along with the same, it also provides a very secured transaction process without any kind of separate transaction passwords or hint questions.

Basically, all the authentication parameters and processes are very easily available over the platform. A person can see and use any kind of parameter over the platform itself. All the processes of transaction are very simple, which ultimately make the transaction process quick and easy for the customers.

  1. Advanced security

We all know that security is the priority these days for all the types of platforms, especially the banking sector. ICICI net banking platform is one of the most secured and safe platforms in the world. Basically, here the high level of security is being used and considered to be very crucial by the bank for their customers.

Therefore, ICICI bank’s net banking platform enables a person to set up their own transactional limits. And they can also experience an added level of the safe interface and security over the platform.

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The icicinetbanking platform is a very safe and secured network of the whole of the world. Over this platform, a person can do all the types of the banking transactions very easily. Therefore, we can say that the icicinetbanking is the most convenient platform.

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