Why are yachts limited to 12 guests?

Yachts are used by people who love luxury and want to enjoy a comfortable, luxurious trip. A yacht usually has a maximum of 12 passengers. The SOLAS Convention states that “The maximum capacity of a safe boat shall be 12 persons.” However, safety is always a priority when people buy yachts.

The safety standards of yachts are controlled by organizations like the International Maritime Organization. This organization sets out rules for ships that are similar to those for cars. People must follow these rules in order to keep their boats safe. For example, the rule about the SOLAS Convention applies to yachts.

The yachts must have enough room to accommodate twelve people. The space inside the cabins and outside the cabins must be large enough to allow for the movement of Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey twelve people. The yachts must be able to navigate through the seas safely. The SOLAS Convention is an international agreement that prevents people from bringing deadly germs into other countries.

If people are not following the rules, they can be fined, have their licenses suspended or even arrested. There are a variety of ways to make sure that yachts meet the safety standards set by the SOLAS Convention. One way is to monitor the quality of the crew.

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