The schedule of Ramadan Calendar 2023 For Pakistan

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Pakistan Ramadan Calendar 2023

Ramadan, the holy month of fasting for Muslims, is widely celebrated in Pakistan with great devotion and zeal. During this time, the faithful abstain from food and drink from dawn to dusk, with the aim of purifying their minds and bodies. The month-long observance is marked by increased acts of charity, prayer, and reflection, as well as nightly feasts to break the fast.

The month of Ramadan is also an opportunity for introspection and self-reflection, with many taking the time to reconsider their actions and seek forgiveness from others. It is during this time that many individuals choose to give to those in need, either through direct charity or by participating in fundraising events. The spirit of giving and compassion is truly palpable, as families and communities come together to support one another.

Muslims in Pakistan begin their day with a pre-dawn meal called Suhoor, after which they fast until sunset. During the day, they abstain from food, drink, and other physical needs and focus on spiritual reflection and devotion. In the evening, the fast is broken with a meal known as Iftar, which often involves a large spread of traditional Pakistani dishes.

Pakistan, being a predominantly Muslim country, witnesses a flurry of activity during Ramadan. People prepare for the holy month by stocking up on food, arranging iftar (evening meal to break the fast), and making arrangements for Taraweeh (special night prayers) at local mosques. The atmosphere in Pakistan during Ramadan is one of love, compassion, and brotherhood, with people coming together to break their fast and offer prayers.

Ramadan Calendar 2023 in Pakistan:

The Ramadan Calendar 2023 Pakistan is an important resource for those observing Ramadan in the country. It provides a daily schedule of Sehri (pre-dawn meal) and Iftar times, ensuring that people are able to maintain a strict fast and break it at the correct time. Additionally, the Ramadan Calendar 2023 Pakistan also provides information about the timings for Taraweeh prayers, making it easier for people to attend them.

Last Ashra of Ramadan in Pakistan:

The last ten days of Ramadan, known as the “Ashra Al-Huzn” or the “Days of Grief,” considered highly significant and blessed in Islam. Many Muslims increase their acts of worship, devotion and charity during this time, seeking forgiveness and seeking closeness to Allah.

Ramadan in Different cities of Pakistan:

Ramadan is a month-long religious observance for Muslims, marked by fasting and spiritual reflection. In Pakistan, Ramadan celebrates with great enthusiasm. It is a time of spiritual renewal and community bonding.

Ramadan 2023 in Lahore

Lahore has the tastiest Iftar (breaking of fast) spreads and bustling Ramadan bazaars. The city is famous for its traditional Pakistani street food, including samosas, paaye, nihari, chikkar cholay, pakoras, and sevaiyan.

Ramadan 2023 in Karachi

Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan and has diverse and vibrant Ramadan celebrations. The city is famous for its large, bustling night bazaars, where people gather to break their fast and shop for traditional sweets and delicacies.

Ramadan 2023 in Islamabad

The capital city of Islamabad has a peaceful and quiet Ramadan atmosphere. Many people flock to the city’s numerous mosques to offer their Taraweeh prayers during the holy month.

Ramadan 2023 in Peshawar

Peshawar is the name for rich cultural heritage and strong tradition of hospitality. During Ramadan in Peshawar, the city is bustling with activity, as families gather to break their fast and participate in religious events.

Mosques in Pakistan during Ramadan 2023:

During Ramadan in Pakistan, mosques come alive with activity. The month is mark by increased devotion and religious fervor, with mosques serving as the hub of activity. The day begins with pre-dawn meals (suhoor) followed by a day of fasting and intense worship.

Special Ramadan prayers (Taraweeh) happens every night in mosques, which attended by large numbers of people. In addition to religious activities, many mosques also host community events such as iftars (evening meals to break the fast), Quranic recitation competitions, and educational seminars. These events foster a strong sense of community and promote religious unity, making Ramadan a special time for Muslims in Pakistan.

Famous Mosques visited during Ramadan in Pakistan:

Here are some of the famous mosques in Pakistan that are worth visiting during Ramadan:

Faisal Mosque, Islamabad

Badshahi Mosque, Lahore

Wazir Khan Mosque, Lahore

Tooba Mosque, Karachi

Mohabbat Khan Mosque, Peshawar

Shahi Hammam, Lahore

Abdullah Shah Ghazi Dargah, Karachi

Jama Masjid, Lahore

Abdullah Shah Ghazi Dargah, Karachi

Umm Al-Qura Mosque, Islamabad

Most focused activities during Ramadan 2023 in Pakistan:

Ramadan in Pakistan 2023 is an important month for Muslims. It is observe with religious devotion and community events. During Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset and perform extra prayers. Some common activities during Ramadan 2023 in Pakistan include:

Suhur and Iftar:

Suhur is the meal consumes before dawn and Iftar is the meal consume after sunset to break the fast.

Tarawih prayers:

Taraweeh performed after Isha, which is the evening prayer. Taraveeh performance happen Ramadan 2023 in Pakistan.

Zakat and charity:

Muslims give Zakat and charity to those in need, especially during Ramadan in Pakistan.

Family gatherings:

Ramadan in Pakistan is a time for families to come together and enjoy Iftar meals together and spread unity.

Community events:

Mosques and community centers often organize events such as religious lectures, Quran recitation, and charity drives.

Shopping and preparation:

Ramadan in Pakistan is also a time for shopping and preparation, with markets selling food and other goods needed for Iftar.

Ramadan 2023 in Pakistan:

The month-long observance marked by fasting, prayer, charity, and community events, with families and friends coming together to celebrate their faith and support one another.

Overall, Ramadan 2023 promises to be a special time for the people of Pakistan as they come together to celebrate their faith and culture.


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