Guidelines to Change Netgear Router Admin Login Password

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The security of every Netgear router network is important considering the count of hackers or unauthorized users out there is increasing day by day. The easiest way to protect your Netgear router from getting accessed by a random person is to change its admin login password.

In this article, we have mentioned the step-by-step guidelines following which you can easily change the admin login password of your Netgear wireless router. Thus, wait no more and get down to reading.

Change Netgear Router Password [Manual Method]

There are two methods using which the password of your Netgear wireless router can be changed. The first method is known as the manual method. It requires you to make use of a computer or laptop.

For more details regarding how to tweak the login password of your device via the manual method, follow the instructions mentioned here:

  • Plug the Netgear router into a wall socket.

  • Hitting the power button will make the LED glow.

  • Pair the router with the existing modem wirelessly.

  • You can connect them via an Ethernet cable.

  • Open an internet browser on a computer or laptop.

Whatever web browser you use, make sure that it is not running on its outdated version. Also, it should be free of cache as well as cookies.

  • Go to the address bar or the URL field.

  • Enter the web address.

  • Press the Enter key on the keyboard.

  • Are you on the Netgear router login page?

  • Do you see two fields located on it?

  • Enter the username under the Username field.

  • Do the same under the Password field.

If you are not sure of the login credentials, the default ones of your Netgear router, then consider referring to the user manual of your device.

  • Click on the Log In button.

  • The Netgear Genie setup wizard will appear.

  • Hit the Advanced option.

  • Click on the Administration button followed by Set Password.

  • If you are using Pro Gaming routers, go to Settings.

  • Type the current password of your Netgear wireless router.

  • Thereafter, enter the new password.

  • Do it twice for confirmation.

Make sure that you do not your spouse’s name, birth date, vehicle number, favorite color, etc as the password of your Netgear router.

  • To recover the password in the future, hit Enable Password Recovery.

  • Click on the Apply button.

  • In some time, your changes will get saved.

In this manner, you will be able to change the admin login password of your Netgear wireless router by accessing the web address or the web browser method.

Change Netgear Router Password [Nighthawk App]

In the last method, you had to make use of a computer. If you do not have access to a computer or laptop, you can make use of your mobile device. For that, you need to make use of the Nighthawk application.

To get a clear understanding of what we are trying to tell you, it is advised that you take a walk through the steps outlined in this section:

  • Unlock your mobile device.

  • Download the Nighthawk app if you have already not done so.

  • You can make use of the Play or App Store for this purpose.

  • Once the app gets installed, it is recommended that you launch it.

  • Create an account if not already created.

In order to create an account in the Netgear Nighthawk app, you have got to make use of your full name, username, and password.

  • Thereafter, logging in to the app is required.

  • You can do so using the username and password.

  • Once the BASIC Home screen appears, tap Settings.

  • Under the Router Password option, enter the new password.

  • Tap the Save button.

Do not unplug your router from its wall socket while the changes are getting saved. The process will get interrupted.

  • Before you can blink an eye, the changes will get saved.

If you follow these instructions with open eyes, then nothing will be able to stop you from changing the password of your Netgear wireless router using the Nighthawk application.

The Conclusion

The easiest way to safeguard the network of your networking device is to change its admin login password. We hope that after walking through the steps mentioned in this article, you will be able to change the admin login password of your Netgear wireless router using any method that you like.

If you want to know more about how you can protect the network of your Netgear router, then it is recommended that you take your attention to the user manual. Surely that might be of some help.

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