Why is Managed SIEM so important for organizations?

SIEM Solutions

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) use various security measures to keep their businesses safe from the increasing threat. However, the expense and complexity of maintaining these solutions, and the volume of data produced by these systems, can make managing and monitoring these devices challenging. 

In the cybersecurity sector, SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management) implementation is on the rise. On the other hand, organizations frequently struggle to reap the benefits of this widely used technology. What is this SIEM technology? What is the importance of this technology? Read on to know all the answers in detail.  

Security Incident and Event Management combine Security Incident Management and Security Event Management. The primary purpose of SIEM is to warn an organization about potential security threats before they affect core operations.  


  • collects logs across the whole environment, including hosts and network devices  
  • aggregates them in a single place,  
  • parses them to make the log fields comparable,  
  • merges similar logs and categorizes them into different names,  
  • Adds all the valuable information to the logs,  
  • And stores them depending on the time of logs.  

Importance of SIEM  

A SIEM helps by segregating large amounts of data and presenting it well-defined, which majorly reduces the manual work and helps find the anomaly faster.   

     1. Early Threat Detection

Researchers can monitor the logs and detect any incidents before they affect business operations. Modern-day SIEM solutions also detect unknown threats and new attacks with the help of machine learning.  

     2. Forensics  

Researchers can look back into the logs to see when the incident started. They can look into the source of the incident, analyze the incident pattern through multiple logs containing similar data across the infrastructure and formulate a plan of action depending on the results.  

      3. Compliance  

Every data-holding organization in the world needs to be compliant with some rules. With a SIEM, you can get periodic reports showing that your organization complies with the laws.  

       4. Reduces the need for a large security team  

It might not be an issue for large enterprises, but small and medium-sized enterprises cannot employ a whole security team. SIEM reduces the need for an extensive security team because a large part of the work is already done.  

  • Pros of a large Security Team  

A large team can assist in all cyber security operations, fast response to incidents, and extensive investigation of cyber-attacks.  

  • Cons of a large Security Team  

Management Issues with the team, increase in employment costs, and extensive training costs.  

How will organizations benefit from SIEM?  

Organizations nowadays generate a lot of data in the form of logs. In case of a cyber-attack or some anomaly in the infrastructure, the way to look into the problem is to gather and go through the entire infrastructure’s logs. Such incidents justify the need for a SIEM because it gives a single source to analyze all the logs. Without a SIEM, collecting multiple logs and looking into streams of random data is not feasible. It provides a way to look into the anomalies without the hassle of managing, parsing, and clubbing the logs. This allows an organization to detect real-time incidents and maintain business continuity without compromising the infrastructure.  

Above all, if an organization plans to pay some third party and opts for a managed SIEM solution like ours (ACE), it reduces the amount of work. So, before deploying ACE as a Managed SIEM service provider, know the various benefits it brings to your business. 

5 Benefits of a Managed SIEM:  

  • SIEM deployment costs are taken out of the way.  
  • Deployment is done on a fast scale and takes very little time.  
  • Costs of training employees are reduced.  
  • A SOC (Security Operations Centre) Team is always ready to investigate the logs to a deeper extent.   
  • The SOC team will have trained cybersecurity professionals with extensive knowledge of this field.  
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