Should You Buy iPhone 14 Right Now?

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Should You Buy iPhone 14 Right Now?

Virtually everyone in the world has heard of “Apple” or “iPhone” since they have become one of the most identifiable brands out there. They have been inventing new smartphones every year, and this year they debuted the iPhone 14 series.

Every year Apple’s iPhones sell like crazy because they’ve built up a dedicated fan following. But, before you go and buy iPhone 14 Pro Max, you should be informed of a few benefits and downsides.

That’s why today, we’ll be looking through all the features of the iPhone 14 and analyzing whether it’s worth buying. In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • iPhone 14 specifications
  • Pros and cons of iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Should you buy iPhone 14 Pro Max?

Since it’s one of Apple’s latest models of iPhone, we’ll start by discussing some of its features.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Specs

Being an Apple product and brand in itself, iPhone 14 has been flying around like wildfire. People across the globe are going wild about it and are waiting up to get iPhone 14 for themselves.


In terms of design, not a great deal has changed with the entry-level iPhone 14. The standard iPhone 14 retains its 6.1 inches screen size from its predecessor, while the new iPhone 14 Plus has a larger 6.7 inches screen – the same size as the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

One of the biggest changes has come in the form of the dynamic island. With the dynamic island at the top, you can receive notifications and control any music or video playing.

It comes in 5 variations of colors:

  • Midnight
  • Purple
  • Starlight
  • Red
  • Blue

Additionally, it comes with the super retina XDR OLED capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 1170 x 2532 pixels.

Since the big iPhone 6 accident, the durability of each iPhone rose considerably, and the same applies to the iPhone 14 because it comes with Ion-strengthened glass and oleophobic coating making it more secure than the iPhone 13.


As part of the base model of iPhone 14, there is a dual camera system consisting of a 12 MP wide-angle camera and a 12 MP ultra-wide-angle camera. Moreover, it also comes with a 12 MP front camera.

They give superb exposure and great color to the photographs captured. Not to mention the quick and precise focusing that helps you snap sharper photographs. It also includes a realistic bokeh effect in portrait mode to make the person or the object jump out more.


This phone comes with the Apple A15 Bionic (5 nm) chipset. So, you could be thinking this is the same chipset as the previous iPhone 13 model. Nevertheless, the processor in the basic iPhone 14 is greater compared to the iPhone 13 Pro model and, consequently, iPhone 14 Plus to iPhone 13 Pro Max.

In other words, the iPhone 14 performs better than the iPhone 13. The biggest contributing cause to this is the Hexa-core (2×3.23 GHz Avalanche + 4×1.82 GHz Blizzard).

Pros and Cons of iPhone 14

Although if iPhone 14 is one of the greatest high-end gadgets before you purchase it, you need to consider a few things. Let’s discuss both of them to better understand whether it’s a solid decision.


  • Faster and more efficient processor than previous iPhones
  • Improved battery life with lower power consumption
  • Enhanced camera system with a strong, versatile triple-camera array setup
  • Significantly larger display size compared to earlier models, at 6.1-inches
  • Improved Face ID security system
  • 5G network capability and improved LTE speeds
  • Notch is replaced by the dynamic island
  • Crash detection
  • Apple’s latest A15 Bionic processor offers better performance than the previous model


  • Expensive price tag when compared to other flagship smartphones in the market
  • Not compatible with all networks, particularly 5G networks in certain countries
  • Slightly bulky design due to the large display size and camera array setup
  • No expandable storage options available with this model

Should You Buy iPhone 14

Ok! Now that we’ve reviewed both the benefits and negatives of this phone, you may be asking, “Should I go and get iPhone 14 for myself?” The key element that determines this choice is that you’re prepared to pay over Rs. 578,999 for it.

While it is one of the greatest phones on the market and has the highest demand, not everyone can afford it. Nonetheless, if you’re prepared to spend this money on iPhone, then I’ll suggest that you go for it.

If you don’t intend on spending this much money, then I’ll propose that you opt for the previous generation, such as a used iPhone 13 or a used iPhone 13 Pro Max, since they are may still within a more acceptable budget.


By weighing both the pros and cons, you can easily decide whether or not you should go and buy iPhone 14. However, don’t go around and buy this phone from any other vendor.

If you don’t know where to go or which vendor to trust, then you can easily get scammed. That’s why I recommend that you check out Wise Market Pakitan because we provide the best price for used or new phones.

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