M2 MacBook Air vs. Surface Laptop Go 2 comparison

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A slim and light Windows notebook with a reasonable cost, the new Surface Laptop Go 2 has been touted in the eyes of Microsoft as a potential competitor to Apple’s newest MacBook Air. The ultraportable notebooks are compared.A few days prior to when Apple announced its updated MacBook Air, Microsoft decided to unveil the concept of a light and strong notebook. It is the sequel to the microsoft surface repair dubai Go, the Surface Laptop Go 2 is an ideal rival with Apple’s MacBook Air with significant cost savings.

However, while the Surface is priced at a low price however, the specifications are less limiting than Apple’s latest line of notebooks. Indeed, one might argue that Microsoft is trying to capture the Chromebook market by offering the lowest price of $599.

Playing with the Surface with the MacBook Air may not be a fair fight It’s still worth determining whether the cost difference is worth the differences in specifications between the two models.


specifications MacBook Air (2022, M2) Surface Laptop Go 2
beginning price $1,199Compare M2 MacBook Air Prices $599.99Available at the Microsoft Store
Dimensions (inches) 11.97×8.46×0.44 10.95 x 8.12 x 0.62
weight pounds) 2.7 2.48
advertising 13.6” Liquid Retina,Wide Color (P3),Correct Sound 12.4-inch PixelSense, 3:2 aspect ratio and 10-point multi-touch
resolution 2560×1664 1536×1024
Brightness 500 nuts 300 nuits
processor Apple M2 11th gen Intel Core i5-1135G7
graphic 8-core GPU,10-core GPU Intel IrisXe graphic graphics
Memory 8GB, 16GB ,24GB 4GB,8GB
Storage 256GB,512GB,1TB ,2TB 128GB , 256GB
battery 52.6 Wh lithium polymer. Up to 15 hours online and 18 hours of video 41 Wh, up to 13.5 hours
Networking 802.11ax WiFi 6Bluetooth 5.0 802.11ax WiFi 6,Bluetooth 5.1
biometric security Touch the area to be identified. Windows Hello, fingerprint power button
camera 1080p FaceTime HD 720p HD f/2.0
Audio Four-speaker sound system,three-microphone array with directional beamforming,headphone jack with high-impedance headphone support,Dolby Atmos support with Spatial Audio Omnisonic speakers with Dolby Audio Premium,Two far-field studio microphones,Headphone jack
ports 2 x Thunderbolt/USB 4,3.5mm headphone jack,MagSafe 3 1 x USB-C,1 x USB-A,3.5mm headphone jack,1 x Surface Connect port

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 vs M2 MacBook Air – Physical Specs

On first look at first glance, it appears that the Surface Laptop Go is fairly similar with the MacBook Pro in many different design aspects. Both laptops have slim bezels on the front of the device, a slim appearance, and weigh less.

Both are made of aluminum, but Surface is made of aluminium. Surface is made up of aluminium and polycarbonate composite resin that contains fiberglass as well as “30% post-consumer recycled content” as the base.

We refer to mirror hours in which the number or figure of hours is exactly the same as the minutes (22:22) as well as reversed hours where the figures for the hours are in opposition of those in the time of minutes ( 21:21 meaning).

With 11.97 inches by 8.46 inches the MacBook Air measures slightly bigger in comparison to 10.95 inches by 8.12 inches of Surface Laptop Go 2. Surface Laptop Go 2. While the Surface utilizes an elongated taper, which the MacBook Air does not have the same width, in the range of 0.62 inches, it’s nevertheless thicker than 0.44 millimeters in MacBook Air. MacBook Air.

The diverse construction materials along with the smaller footprint make for the lighter weight that is 2.48 grams for Microsoft in comparison to 2.7 pounds in the case of Apple.

Both are the identical in size, so there’s not any benefit to the tiny variations in size.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 vs M2 MacBook Air – Display

The Surface Laptop Go 2 features a 12.4-inch PixelSense display, which isn’t exactly normal given the aspect ratio of 3:2. Apple has always maintained an aspect ratio of 16:10 for the Air and the MacBook, however the 13-inch display is slightly larger than normal however it’s not as drastic as the aspect ratio of the Surface.

The PixelSense display has LED-backlit LEDs as the Apple Liquid Retina version, but it’s not as bright as 300 nits as opposed with 500 to 500 nits.

The Surface isn’t as sharp having 1,536 x 1 024 pixels, compared to 2,560 x 1664 pixels on the MacBook Air. This is a pixel density of 224ppi on MacBook Pro and 224ppi for the MacBook Pro and just 148ppi for the Surface.

The main benefit of Microsoft lies in the ability to actually touch the screen that’s on Surface Laptop Go 2.

One benefit of Microsoft is that their touchscreen is fully touch-enabled, with multi-touch 10-points. Apple is still refusing to include the capability of touch to its MacBook range.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 Vs. M2 MacBook Air – processor and graphics

Microsoft has included an Intel processor inside it’s Surface Laptop Go 2, and all configurations use that same Core i5-1135G7 processor. It’s a quad-core 11th generation processor with eight threads , and an maximal turbo rate that is 4.2 GHz.

This chip is coupled to either four or eight GB LPDDR4x memory. It also has its own built-in Intel Iris Xe graphics.

Apple’s M2 has an eight-core processor which combines four efficiency cores, the four cores for performance, as well as a 16-core Neural Engine and an Media Engine for hardware-accelerated processing of video encodes and decodes. With the MacBook Air, two options of Apple silicon chips can be found, one that features an Apple-designed 8-core CPU and the other having 10 cores of GPU.

There’s also the Apple Unified Memory, which applies to both the CPU as well as the GPU. The base model has 8GB, similar to the highest-end configurations of Surface and the iPad, with more powerful capacities of 24GB and 16GB.

What is the biggest difference in performance is? we’ll need to look at Geekbench. Initial results show that the M2 is able to achieve an individual score of 1,919 and a multicore score of 89228.

The Intel Core i5-1135G7 is able to only achieve 1,239 for the single-core test, and 4,147 for the multi-core test.

Surface Laptop Go 2 Surface Laptop Go 2 is predicted to be beaten by Apple’s new chip, given the cost however not by that much.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 vs M2 MacBook Air – Camera

Apple has updated the FaceTime HD camera in MacBook Air to the 1080p resolution, which is a step up away from the previous 720p version employed. It is aided by the M2’s high-end image signal processor that provides better quality of images.

Although the MacBook Air has an notch for webcams but Surface Laptop Go 2 does not. Surface Laptop Go 2 has no such intrusion into the display.

Microsoft comes with a 720p webcam that isn’t a great source of confidence. However, it does include Windows Hello support, so it is able to be used for facial recognition while logging onto Windows 11.

Microsoft has also managed to conceal its webcam inside the bezel. Apple in contrast, features a cut-out hole built into its display to house cameras.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 vs M2 MacBook Air – Connectivity

Apple hasn’t provided the broadest variety of ports for the MacBook Air in the past but the 2022 model isn’t that different than the previous model. It comes with two USB 4 and Thunderbolt ports, as well as an 3.5mm headphone jack. However, this time, you’ll also get MagSafe 3 charging ports.

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On the wireless front the two devices can both join Wi-Fi networks as well as older standards. The Surface receives slightly ahead of the game in the wireless realm with Bluetooth which uses Bluetooth 5.1 in place of Apple’s utilization for Bluetooth 5.0.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 vs M2 MacBook Air – Performance

Apple offers an 52.6 Wh lithium-polymer battery in its MacBook Air that is quite a lot considering the slim design of the frame. The Surface has a battery with a lower capacity with 41 Wh.

For how long you can run the battery The MacBook Air is reported to last 15 hours on wireless internet access or 18 hours of playback of videos via the Apple TV application.

It is possible to play games with your Surface Laptop Go 2, but not for the entire day.

Microsoft claims that it claims that the Surface will last at least 13.5 hours when using “typical device usage.” It’s not really an accurate description, but isn’t likely to cover high-intensity tasks such as gaming.

Microsoft offers an adapter that is 39W included with the Surface. Apple offers 30W USB C power adapter as standard however it can upgrade to 35W dual USB-C adapter when you select an upgrade to the 10-core GP and at least 512GB of memory. A USB-C power adapter that is 67W is also available.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 vs M2 MacBook Air – Audio

Surface Laptop Go Surface Laptop Go uses a set of “omnisonic speakers” with Dolby Audio Premium. The laptop also comes with an 3.5mm headphone jack in the event that you need personal audio devices that can be wired.

Apple has added the sound system of four speakers into it’s MacBook Air, complete with Dolby Atmos support and Spatial Audio. The headphone port is more efficient because it comes with the ability to use headphones with high-impedance which audiophiles will be able to benefit from.

The Surface utilizes two studio microphones to record audio. Meanwhile, the MacBook Air uses a three-microphone array that has beamforming that is directional.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 vs M2 MacBook Air – Storage

Microsoft gives users 2 storage choices: 128GB SSD and one with 256GB of storage. It defines the storage as “removable” but adds that it is only able to be removed by a certified technician.

As the demand for storage has increased over the years and 256GB might not be enough for most users in 2022. Ideally, there could be at least 512GB or higher from Microsoft’s side.

Apple provides 256GB of storage in its basic model, and other configurations of 1TB, 512GB and 2TB. In contrast to Microsoft, Apple isn’t implying that its storage that’s not removable can be removed at all.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 Vs M2 MacBook Air – More features

Both notebooks have biometric fingerprint security that is based on. Apple makes use of the Touch ID sensor on the keyboard, whereas Microsoft has one integrated inside the power button.

Power button of the Surface Laptop Go 2 doubles as an fingerprint reader.

Apple provides MacBook Air. Apple offers MacBook Air in four colors: Silver, Starlight, Space Gray and Midnight.

Microsoft provides Surface Laptop Go 2 from Microsoft. Surface Laptop Go 2 in four colors: Sage, Ice Blue, Sandstone, and Platinum.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 vs M2 MacBook Air Prices

Microsoft’s base configuration for Surface Laptop Go 2 is priced at $599.99. Surface Laptop Go 2 costs $599.99 that includes the 4GB memory and 128GB SSD storage. The upgrade to 8GB memory costs $699.99 and the 8GB memory with 256GB storage cost $799. It will cost you $99.

The MacBook Air starts at $1,199 with the 8-core GPU 8GB of unified memory and an additional 256GB of SSD storage. Upgrade up to the 10 core GPU adds another $100 to the cost.

MacBook Air storage upgrade to 16GB will cost you an additional $200. Then another $200 will be required to upgrade to 24GB. The upgrade from 256GB up to 512GB will cost $200. 1TB will cost you an additional $200 dollars, and 2TB will cost an additional $400.

The priciest MacBook Air is available for $2,499 without power adapter upgrade.

Affordably priced and cheerful but it’s not a true powerhouse

It’s a great notebook. Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 is definitely a budget notebook that offers. If you’re in search of an affordable notebook that runs Windows 11, it’s hard not to be competitive with the specs that Microsoft presents in this review.

But, the price and touchscreen are the only benefits the Surface Laptop Go 2 has over the MacBook Air. The MacBook Air is the more powerful device on paper, but it has the disadvantage that it’s twice the cost of Microsoft’s.

Customers who are not platform-neutral can take a look at the two models and choose Surface Laptop Go 2 Surface Laptop Go 2 if they’re in the market for a basic notebook that can handle simple tasks. If they’ve budget of the M2 MacBook Air and a household that can benefit from this purchase be tempting to select any of the Surface Laptops.

The most affordable choice for those who want to buy. However, due to the lower resolution display, less performance, and an insufficient storage and memory, prospective buyers should be aware that they’re getting something that’s not quite perform as effectively as an M2 MacBook Air in many ways.

They’re better that those on the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2. It’s just a matter of being willing to pay some extra money to get the opportunity.

Where to buy

Its new M2 MacBook Air, meanwhile, is priced at $1199 and will be available from July 2022. Be sure to save our list of the top deals on the M2 MacBook Air deals and our Mac price guide to find the most recent offers on the latest Apple hardware savings.

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