List of Best Hill Stations Near Mumbai

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Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is a metropolitan city on the west coast of India. The city offers numerous employment opportunities to all age groups, thus making it the “City of Dreams” for many people. Being an employment generation hotspot, the city is always densely populated, making it over-crowded and the busiest city in India. And some people find it quite challenging to stay in such a hassle-environment. Thus, if you plan to relocate to hill stations near Mumbai, this article is for you! You can escape the hustle and bustle of the city by relocating to any of the destinations stated below by using the help of the best packers and movers in the area.

Here Is a List of Hill Stations Near Mumbai

Here is the list of the best hill stations near Mumbai where you can plan to relocate with your family to avoid all types of city stress, pollution, and hassle-environment. Some of the best places are.


Are you planning to relocate to a place that offers fresh air, scenic beauty, and an escape from the city’s crowds? Lonavala is one of the best hill stations near Mumbai. It is also the one closest to the city. You can visit forts and temples along with trekking and camping. This place is full of natural beauty and is surrounded by waterfalls, dams, lakes, and hills.

Situated at almost 700 m above sea level, Lonavala is a treat for the eyes during the monsoon season. It is famous for Imagica, Tiger’s Leap, Rajmachi Fort, Aamby Valley, Karla Caves, and the Lonavala chikki. Furthermore, several adventure sports are also available here.


This is the smallest hill station near Mumbai. Apart from that, it is the only hill station in India that does not allow automobiles. Therefore, the fresh air here is pure and good for health. So, if your vision is to relocate to the cleanest and most pollution-free city near Mumbai, then Matheran is the best option!

The word Matheran means Forest on the Forehead. It is a small hill station, yet it offers much to offer if you relocate here. From various viewpoints to view the sunset and the sunrise, Matheran has all amenities available. The pleasant weather and the scenic beauty make Matheran a perfect place to relocate to near Mumbai.

You can develop hobbies like camping, trekking, and horse riding as they are preferred a lot by people here. Shivaji’s ladder, One Tree hill point, Charlotte lake, Panorama point, etc., provide peace and beauty. But the best way to explore this place is on foot while enjoying its natural beauty.


Panchgani is one of the oldest hill stations in India. It is situated at an altitude of around 1334 Mts above sea level. Hence, the weather here is always pleasant and beautiful. Panchgani gets its name from the five hills that surround the land. From two of its viewpoints, you get to see the Kamalgad Fort. This fort was used as a prison by the British before Indian independence.

Apart from the various viewpoints, once you relocate here, you can visit the cheese factory and enjoy various strawberry treats during the strawberry season. Therefore, it is known as the Strawberry Garden of India. The Tableland, Mapro garden, Kaas Plateau, Sidney Point, Parsi Point, Cheese factory, Tableland, etc., provide scenic beauty and a place to rest.

Furthermore, with its lush green hills, panoramic views, and pleasant climate, Panchgani is one of the best hill stations near Mumbai to relocate to. Activities such as paragliding, camping, horse riding, cheese tasting, strawberry picking, etc., can be done throughout the year.


Do you want your house with a beautiful view? From hills and mountain views to lakes and rivers, Mahabaleshwar has everything to offer. Mahabaleshwar is the twin city of Panchgani. Therefore, it is also known as the Land of Strawberries. Furthermore, it is home to magnificent waterfalls and breathtaking viewpoints.

This place also holds sacred significance for Hindus as the Krishna river originates here. So, several ancient temples can be found here besides the dense forest. If you choose to relocate here, you can try out many adventure sports, go boating and enjoy the amazing sunrises and sunsets this place offers.

Points like Dhobi waterfall, Arthur’s Seat, Venna lake, Elephant’s Head point, Cinnamon’s fall, etc., have stress-busting effects. Activities such as paragliding, camping, strawberry picking, etc., can also be done throughout the year.


Situated in the Western Ghats of Nashik district, is a favorite spot for nature lovers to relocate to. Situated 300 ft above sea level, this place is also loved by trekkers all around the nation. Rock climbing is one of the main adventure activities done here. Furthermore, Igatpuri is the home of the world’s largest meditation institute.

Along with that, it has a lot to offer. From forts to mountains, Igatpuri has it all. Thus, it has become one of the favorite relocation spots near Mumbai. It is also an important railway station as many cities are interconnected. So, apart from the Vipassana Center, Bhatsa river valley, Bhavali dam, Kalsubai peak, etc., you can enjoy the breathtaking views this hill station near Mumbai offers.


Amboli is the last hill station near Mumbai before you reach Goa. It is more secluded than other hill stations. Therefore, it offers a relaxing atmosphere that is sure to refresh you. You will find beautiful flora and fauna in Amboli. So, if you are looking for a pleasing atmosphere surrounded by diverse biodiversity, then this place is surely meant for you for your relocation!

Located in the Sahyadri Hills, this place receives the highest rainfall. Therefore, the weather here is soothing and pleasant throughout the year. As it remains largely unexplored, it has a unique pure quality. People often relocate to Amboli because of its pleasant summers.

You can go trekking, enjoy the natural beauty from its viewpoints, visit temples, and see magnificent waterfalls while in Amboli. Durg Dhakoba trek, Nangarta Falls, Amboli Falls, Madhavgarh Fort, etc., are all its main attractions.

Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat hill station near Mumbai is an exotic mountain pass. Located in the Western Ghats, you will find a lot of winding roads here. Numerous waterfalls with breathtaking beauty will meet your eyes. It is home to Flamingos and a lot of other migrating birds. Apart from its waterfalls, Malshej Ghat is also well known for its flora and fauna. Therefore, this place is a perfect relocation hotspot for hikers, campers, and trekkers.

Nature lovers are bound to have a great time here. The lust green of the place dotted with pink Flamingos is a sight. From dams to forts, Malshej Ghats has something to offer to everyone.

Additionally, some of the temples in this place date back to the 16th century. Therefore, Malshej Ghat is also rich architecturally. Hence it has become a favorite place to relocate to near Mumbai. Malshej Falls, Pimpalgaon Joga Dam, Harishchandragadh, Ajoba Hill Fort, etc., offer not only scenic beauty but also a relaxing experience.


Khandala is not just one of the most famous hill stations near Mumbai. It is also famous throughout the country. It is known as one of the most romantic places in India. With its scenic beauty, beautiful lakes, and mesmerizing hills and waterfalls, Khandala offers to refresh and replenish its people. The Karla Hills is one of the favorite spots for rock climbing. Therefore, it is popular among hikers.

Furthermore, the fresh and misty air in Khandala offers a pleasant escape from the crowded atmosphere of Mumbai. It is also a hit among young couples who want to escape the city’s hustle and are willing to relocate to a soothing environment.

During monsoons, the lush greens of Khandala are a treat for the eyes. Visapur Fort, Lohagad Fort, Bedsa Caves, Duke’s Nose, Tiger’s Leap, etc., offer great times with family and friends. This is one of the best places to relocate to near Mumbai.


Lavasa is one of the newest hill stations near Mumbai. It is planned by the Lavasa Corporation and is India’s first planned hill station. Because it is strategically planned, it has much to offer. The mountain passes are a favorite of motorcyclists throughout the country.

Lavasa blends infrastructure with natural beauty so well that it soon becomes a popular relocation spot. It is built on seven hills which gives it its name. Lavasa is home to several companies, hotels, malls, institutes, and residential properties. Therefore, it doesn’t just offer a retreat but is also a good choice for people to settle down away from the clamor of the cities.

The Lakeside promenade is a perfect way to end your day. There are a lot of water sports options available at Lavasa as well. With Temghar Dam, Bamboosa, Varasgaon Dam, etc., Lavasa is one of the best hill stations near Mumbai to relocate to.

Thinking about Relocating?

If you are looking for an escape from the hustle environment of Mumbai city, consider relocating to at least one of the hill stations mentioned above. If you are worried about relocation and need more time for your family and yourself, let a logistics, packers, and movers company like us take care of your moving needs.

We will take care of everything, like packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking. Thus, you can stay assured that your belongings will reach your door on time and spend your journey without any worries.

Agarwal Packers and Movers provide all moving services, ensuring your relocation is hassle-free and convenient.


Thousands of people travel to Mumbai city every day. But because of this, it is densely populated and thus is always crowded. And, if you want to escape all these stressful and polluted environmental conditions, the above list of hill stations is the best for you. These places will offer you fresh air and peace of mind with all the greenery and beauty they hold. So, what are you looking for? Hire us in the area and relocate to one of the best hill stations near Mumbai today. Get in touch with us now!

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