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Beard oil is one of the most popular skin care products among men. Its usage makes the beard hair shiny and prevents dandruff. Most brands sell the best quality beard oil prepared with scented oil essentials. Are you thinking of making your cosmetic brand notable among the clients? Yes! Then get ready to alter your business approach. Collaborate with us. We at iCustomBoxes design top-quality custom beard oil boxes following our customers’ specifications.

Why Do You Need Custom-Made Boxes for Beard Oil Boxes?

This question must be emerging in your mind why choose customized boxes? If they are of any value. Yes, definitely! Customization is of great value. Customization lets you choose the box’s design, color, size, and material. You can mold the box as you want to. However, the biggest advantages of beard oil boxes wholesale include the following:

  1. These are cost-effective and customizable in accurate sizes and shapes.
  2. They give secure storage to fragile bottles and prevent them from breaking.
  3. A beard oil box with a logo can be the best way for the brand’s promotion.

Design Beard Oil Boxes According to Your Requirements:

Wish to design a personalized box for the packaging of skin care items?  Beard oil containers come in different lengths. That’s why each product requires packaging that befits the bottle. However, are you anxious about the branded box’s design—no need to get fret. Our designers do not run short of box designs and manufacture the box per the product’s specifications. You can? Visit the design library on our website to get an idea about the specified box’s design. Or you can get design assistance from our experts; they are always ready to help you if you have a design kit, share without designers and let them create an exclusive package.

Choose the Suitable Material for Sustainable Beard Oil Packaging:

Usually, beard oil bottles come in plastic and glass material. Plastic bottles can get squeezed while hitting or going through traveling jerks. The same is true with glass containers; they are easy to break. Kraft, cardboard, and rigid can be the most appropriate choices. First, they are durable and enhance the products’ shelf lives. Secondly, these are 100% climate-friendly and recyclable. So, their usage can be a great initiative for your brand to create awareness among the audience regarding environmental safety.  However, rigid is mostly used for gift or exclusive box packaging.

Secure Encasing of Beard Oil Bottles with Personalized Boxes:

When selecting the box’s design, you must consider the oil containers’ security. We suggest reverse and straight-tuck end boxes for single-bottle packaging. Straight and reverse tuck end boxes give the bottles safe storage and prevent them from fluctuations. Secondly, customers can easily draw out the bottles without any hassle. Besides this, tuck front or rigid box with magnetic closure can also benefit several bottle packaging. Adding inserts in these boxes can keep the bottles compacted and secure from bumping into each other.


Conclude Beard Oil Packaging with Incredible Add-Ons:

Do you want to enrich beard oil box packaging? Applying inserts and die-cuts can assist in outstanding your brand’s products and gives them an eye-catchy appearance.


Beard oil bottles are prone to breakage and damage. They can get easily break while hitting each other during shipping. The use of sturdy inserts keeps fragile bottles intact and unbroken.  You have different options in inserts like kraft, cardboard, and foam. Foam inserts are used in a premium quality box to give a luxurious touch. However, kraft and cardboard are also strong and best for holding oil containers tight.

Die Cuts with PVC:

Secondly, you can embellish the box with die-cuts. The window with a transparent PVC sheet gives a preview of the item without unpacking the box.

Enjoy Free Shipping on Beard Oil Boxes Wholesale:

Most brands rely on standard boxes due to the fear of quality and high shipping costs. It’s time to get rid of all these worries. At iCustomBoxes, you will get 100% guaranteed services. Our company prioritizes satisfaction. We deliver what we commit to our customers. Additionally, we do not charge for shipping. Whether you have an order in bulk or short quantity, you will get the facility of free shipment to your doorsteps.

Why Choose iCustomBoxes?

  • We offer a free shipping facility.
  • Our team makes sure the order is delivered on the promised time.
  • You can avail free quote without any delay.
  • Our design and technical assistance are free.
  • You can avail live chat facility 24 hours.
  • We offer digital mock-ups without any cost.
  • We deliver the best quality services at reasonable prices.

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