How to wear lace bras?

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Lace bras are a real must-have in every woman’s wardrobe . Lace bras combine everything we love most about lingerie – they’re sexy, seductive, and at the same time elegant and extremely versatile. In addition, we are showing lace more and more often and using the advantages of the visible underwear trend. How to wear lace bras? Which type to choose: push-ups, bras, corsets or even striped bras?

Push-up bras with lace

Optical breast enlargement is certainly one of the most popular options. Above all, it is a perfect solution for any style with a deeper cleavage, because this is where we want our breasts to be rounded and voluminous. In this role, without a doubt, a classic lace push-up bra works best.

However, when choosing a bra for a low-cut dress, there are a few things you should pay attention to. The first is the arrangement of the cups – they should hide exactly under the fabric of the dress. If you’re worried about cups sticking out unsightly, put on a bra with a low rise. The second problem is the very texture of the lace cups . You have to remember that on a thin fabric they can stand out and it will not always be desirable. Then we focus on seamless sets that hide perfectly even under the thinnest fabrics.

Lace bra and thick sweater – the perfect set for fall

Lace bras aren’t just elegant evening stylizations. One of our favorite fall proposals is a sultry lace jumpsuit with a thick, warm sweater. What to bet on? For example, it can be a sweater with a deeper v-neckline or a one-shoulder sweater, which creates the perfect opportunity to show off the lace straps .

Lace bras with straps

All the stripes and ribbons are definitely one of the biggest hits of this season. Of course, they could not be missing in the lace bras. How to wear them? Tastine Instagram Here, everything depends on the arrangement of the ribbons, which must be adapted to the given style.

For fall styles, we recommend bras with stripes above the bust, which we can easily flaunt in most cases. However, we must not forget that in this case we focus on the more exposed necklines, since the sensual stripes must be a visible part of our underwear.

Lace Bra Shaped Top

Lace bras in the shape of a corset or top are a proposal for all women who appreciate the combination of a sensual appearance with maximum versatility. We can wear such a bra in different ways, and everything depends only on our imagination. They will be perfect not only for everyday wear (also as part of the visible wardrobe), but also for more elegant stylizations.

colorful lace bras

Lace bras

This season, the lace bralette is one of the most fashionable proposals. What is it really? It is a soft lace bra that provides maximum comfort and at the same time allows the breasts to form in a way that brings out their natural beauty. However, we must not forget that bralettes are dedicated to women with smaller breasts. This is why they are so often chosen by teenagers as their first adult bra.

How to wear bras? The only limit here is our imagination, because bras are perfect for any occasion – even when you wear them every day. Our favorite suggestions are a combination of a lace bralette with larger sweaters and jackets.

I believe for as long as I can remember, I have never known how  to choose and wear my bra .

How many times I had to put the straps of my bra back in their place, which fell like the ticking of the clock on my shoulders.

How many times have I had the feeling of having my chest so compressed that I came to doubt the virtues of this pretty lace underwire.

In fact, eight out of ten women are known to be wearing the wrong size bra.

For what ? The bra size often remains with its numbers and letters a mystery for many of us.

In addition, with the development of the Internet or if you are shy by nature, you dare not ask a knowledgeable saleswoman for help to find the right size.

So, not knowing how to decipher this mystery can quickly become a daily nightmare.

Now I will show you in this article how to effortlessly choose your bra.

So you will feel less self-conscious when buying your first ideal bra .

Finally, this one will fit your chest like a latex glove at the right size.


Step 1: Determine your bra size

What do you need ? 

  • a flexible seamstress tape measure
  • a footed mirror
  • of a sheet of paper

  Your bra  size will have a number that will correspond to your bust measurement and a letter that will determine your cup depth .

To take your measurements, you must stand up straight and have your feet flat on the ground.

The ideal is to be naked but you can get help from a friend, keep your bra if it does not amplify or minimize your breasts.

 Step 2: measure around your bust

It is necessary, to put the tape measure flat below the chest, in the furrow of the breasts. This is the place where the rubber bands and, if necessary, the reinforcement will be placed. The tape measure must be parallel to the ground, at the front as well as at the level of the back, it must neither go up nor down. Avoid tightening the tape measure too much or too little so as not to distort the measurements .  

 Once you have obtained your bust measurement, write it down on a sheet of paper .

 Step 3: measure around your chest

 Lay the measuring tape flat, parallel to the ground, on the tip of the breast, avoiding crushing them. 

Once you have obtained your bust measurement, simply subtract your bust measurement from your bust measurement to get your cup depth . 

Now you take your two measurements and refer them to the table you will find here:

TADAM! you know your bra size!

Note this: Several events can occur in the life of a woman such as pregnancy, illness, weight gain or loss. The chest changes during these periods, which is why I advise you to take your measurements regularly to be sure to wear the appropriate size .

 At this stage, you know how to define the size of your bra, now we will go further and discover the basic rules that will allow you to choose your bra and the bras best suited to your chest.

Step 4: basic rules for choosing the right bra 

For total comfort, your bra must be forgotten and for that, it must be perfectly adjusted to your chest. To obtain this result, you will have to respect a few rules.

 Step 5: respect the balance of the cup 

 Once you have put on your bra, you will need to reposition your chest by placing the tip of the breast on the seam with your hands in order to respect the balance of the cup.

 Step 6: adjust the straps by balancing the cup   

Each of us has a different height from the shoulder to the tip of the breast, which is why when we first buy it and each time we put it on we have to adjust the size of the straps of our bra with the adjustment ring.

The straps should not be too tight so as not to crush your chest and hurt your shoulder, they should not be too loose to ensure good support and highlight your chest.

Watch this video , it shows you all the bra fitting problems .

A well-fitting bra shouldn’t be painful or uncomfortable to wear.

Step 7: Place your bra correctly  

Your bra must be well positioned at the same height of the front and the back and the separator (piece located between the two cups) must be well centered on the bust. If it comes off that means the cups are not deep enough.

Your bra should form a horizontal line around your bust.

To prevent the back of your bra from riding up, you must attach it to the middle clip. You can tighten or loosen it a notch depending on the change in your morphology (pregnancy or taking of weight). The underwires must be well positioned around the breast, not too much below and especially not above.

To go further, what is the most suitable bra for your breasts?

• The non-wired bra is the most comfortable, it adapts to all types of breasts, even the busiest. But it is not very flattering for small breasts

• The bra has been designed to support sportswomen’s breasts. Thanks to wide elastic bands located under the cups and in the back, it hugs and supports the bust. It is ideal for a sporty style, but not or hardly suited to a sexy outfit.

• The balcony and the basket are very low-cut and have a rounded cutout. They reveal the birth of the breasts which they maintain thanks to their mature arches. They are perfect for lifting small breasts and making large breasts puff up. (A, B, C and D)

balcony support

• The strapless bustier is perfect for bustier tops. It is suitable for A, B or C cups but is not recommended for large breasts.


• The triangle  is  unreservedly suitable for small breasts for comfort but is not very sexy.


• The “push-up” is padded, it brings the breasts closer together, it also shapes small breasts.

strapless bra

• The “minimizer” is reserved for cups A, C, E and F, it envelops the breasts by tightening them without compressing them.

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Perhaps you have questions on the subject? Ask me your questions in the comments.

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