What is the green strip for on Flash Speed Mop?

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Speedmop Floor Cleaner lashes a quick, simple, and hygienic approach to managing daily floor filth using wet cloths. They remove dirt from surfaces and seal it away since they are filled with a powerful dirt-eliminating solution. 

These are two times as thick and moist as floor wipes! The special cleaning agent removes challenging filth, grease, and dirt. Pleasantly scented like wild orchids and immaculate.

What is Flash speed Mop?

The quick, simple, and hygienic approach to managing daily floor grime is with a Flash Speedmop. With its quick assembly and narrow profile, the practical Speedmop stick is also ideal for getting into tight spaces such as beneath sofas, under trash cans, and down the sides of washing machines. 

Attach Flash Speedmop Wet Cloths, which contain a powerful filth-eliminating solution, to surfaces to be cleaned of dirt and stored away. These are two times as thick and moist as floor wipes! 

The special cleaning agent removes challenging filth, grease, and dirt. Bursting with the iconic Flash lemon aroma. The heavy wet fabric pulls the dirt and filth deep into the cloth and off your clothing by trapping and locking it.

It may also be used as an addition to your vacuum cleaner, gathering any fine dust that is left behind, or as an interim cleaning solution, a tip to prevent doing deep cleaning too frequently. 

The pads’ unique design, thickness, and electrostatic action work together to capture all the dust and seal it inside the sheet. Flash Speedmop can withstand daily dirt.

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Green stripe for Flash Speed Mop

Just turn the mop over and scrub the spots with the green scrubby strip to remove difficult stains. Rip off the soiled, moist cloth once you’re done for a sanitary clean. Flash Speedmop can withstand daily mud.

An electric speed mop and various cleaning cloths are included with the Flash Speedmop Starting Set.

These clothes are simple to use and effective in removing many stains, even difficult ones. The equipment is portable and straightforward to keep. With tens of thousands of good internet reviews, the Speedmop is a well-liked product. 

Consumers have given the product good ratings, and it won several accolades. One buyer even called the product “amazing.”

Effective Characteristics and Advantages

  • To remove uncompromising filth and grime, 
  • Compared to floor wipes, Speedmop Wet Cloths are twice as thick and moist.
  • Scrub Strip Use the included scrubby strip to remove tough stains.
  • Recyclable Terracycle may be used to recycle old wet clothes.
  • Trap and lock dirt and filth without bending over quickly, simple and sanitary.
  • Speedmop Wet Cloths are 2x thicker and wetter than floor wipes to remove uncompromising filth and grime.
  • Gives your house a fragrant fresh lemon fragrance and makes your floors shine
  • The integrated scrubby strip can be used to remove tough stains.
  • Find your local collection location at terracycle.co.uk to recycle unwanted wet clothes.
  • Use only on hard-sealed surfaces; do not use on carpet, oiled wood, unfinished flooring, or other untreated or unfinished surfaces.


  • Include a mop and six pads
  • Terracycle accepts recyclables
  • Any hard-sealed surfaces are safe to use with this.
  • Refrain from using on unfinished floors, untreated wood, unoiled carpet, or carpeting.

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A Speedmop and Wet clothes are included in the Speedmop Starting Set

They work well to clean floors. The Speedmop can be put together quickly and is simple to operate. The stick’s thinness allows it to reach confined spaces. A potent dirt-dispersing agent is embedded in a moist cloth. The heavy clothing will lock and trap the dirt.

To start cleaning floors, you only need one Flash Speedmop Starting Kit. You can reach all angles thanks to the stick’s compact shape and quick assembly. 

The cleaning solution is twice as thick as conventional floor wipes, and the wet cloths are thicker. The green scrubby strip aids in obliterating stubborn stains.

The Flash speed mop refills is a new disposable wet mopping cloth specially formulated with potent dirt-eliminating agents and seals them inside the centre of the revolutionary scrubber. 

It absorbs dirt up to two times thicker than regular towels, making it more effective than floor wipes. Customers have praised the design’s distinctive features and ease of use. This evaluation examines the advantages and disadvantages of this product.

Which substances are present in flash-speed mop wipes?

Preservatives, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, fragrances, and disinfectants are among the ingredients. 

The Flash Speedmop is appropriate for carpeted floors and sealed, oiled, or waxed surfaces because it features Trap and Lock technology to trap dirt in the cloth’s core. 

It’s crucial to be aware that the wipes include Benzisothiazolinone, a substance known to irritate the eyes.


The Speed Mop Flash Wet towels don’t kill microorganisms. Your floors can be cleaned quickly and easily with the Flash Speedmop. It assembles quickly and has a slim profile, making it ideal for hard-to-reach areas.

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