A guide to making the perfect Birthday Cards

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The act of sending a birthday card to someone is frequently postponed until the last minute. If you’re not watchful, those important days could sneak up on you, and you’ll find yourself scrambling to get birthday cards and present at the pharmacy. But it may be just as challenging to remember the birthday itself to think of what to write in a birthday card, or even what birthday ecards greeting to put on social media.


It might be challenging to create a card that someone will genuinely want to keep and that will mean something, much like a thoughtful birthday present. It’s simple to type, “Happy birthday, hope you have a wonderful day,” but it might be challenging to know just how to describe your feelings for a friend or loved one or how appreciative you are of them. Writing a letter to a senior relative or coworker might occasionally be much harder. It may also be challenging to maintain professionalism while being thoughtful, courteous, and engaging!


Short and professional birthday wishes 


  • I hope you have a lot of wonderful memories from your party! 
  • Enjoy this great occasion. 
  • A very happy birthday to you! 
  • I hope the coming year finds you happy wherever it goes. 
  • You have the day to yourself; enjoy it! 
  • On your birthday, we’re thinking of you and sending you our best wishes. 
  • It’s your birthday, therefore everything is better today—the flowers are blooming more, the sun is shining brighter, and life is awesome
  • I hope you receive all you desire for! 
  • It’s your special day, so go out and enjoy it! 
  • Today, I’m sending you the greatest slice of happiness.
  • I hope you have a fantastic birthday, just like you do. 
  • I hope you get the happiness that a person like you deserves. 
  • Anyone should have a truly beautiful day, but especially you. 
  • A beautiful year lies ahead of you, and the world is very fortunate to have you! 
  • The best time to tell yourself how admirable you are is on your birthday. 
  • Every year, you amaze me more. I hope it’s also your birthday! 
  • One of my favorite individuals to celebrate with is you. Happy day to you, my friend! 
  • There is no one else who deserves an extraordinarily wonderful day more. 
  • How can you maintain your youthful appearance as you age? One of many great things about you!
  • Celebrating you is one of the nicest aspects of our friendship. You are top-notch! 
  • I wish I could join you in celebrating as we did the year before. I’ll be thinking about you today and hoping that everything about it is just as amazing as you. 
  • All of your desires would be fulfilled if it were up to me. Happy birthday, my dearest. 
  • I hope you are aware of the gift you are to everyone (and to me). 
  • I pray that in the next year, all the goodness you share will be returned to you. 
  • It’s the ideal time of day to express our gratitude for all you do and our affection for the wonderful person you are.


Funny birthday wishes 


  • It was just a regular day until you showed up and made it wonderful! 
  • You aren’t getting older; rather, you are simply drawing nearer to the conclusion. Birthday greetings! 
  • Happy Birthday is definitely in the cards for you! (In particular, this one.) Enjoy your day! 
  • Adulting is elective; growing old is a requirement. Relax and take in the day! 
  • I’m so happy you’re here. I appreciate everything about “being born.” 
  • Your birthday is today, so TREAT YOURSELF! 
  • Wine and getting older go along beautifully! (Clink! Clink! ; wink, wink) 
  • Your age, please? Sounds to me like bogus news. 
  • Your birthday is truly important in a particular way… 
  • and I have a good feeling it’s you. 
  • Age usually doesn’t make most things better. everything but you.
  • May you live to be so old that even babies and ex-lovers are afraid of you. Birthday greetings! 
  • Your birthday marks the occasion on which you successfully left your mother’s womb. That’s really great, then. 
  • Every birthday should be taken lightly, so the saying goes. I recommend taking it with a ton of salt, and extra points if it’s served with a very large margarita. Yours should be twice. Birthday greetings! 
  • Happy Birthday! I’m hoping you scream and get naked for this birthday just as you did for the first. 
  • I didn’t get you a gift, so forget about the past you can’t alter, the future you can’t forecast, and most definitely forget about the present. Happy Birthday!


You can never go wrong by just writing down a few words about the individual or wishing them a good day. With some inspiration in your back pocket, you can successfully create a virtual birthday cards that will make someone feel truly special. It will mean so much more to them than just seeing their name scrawled at the bottom! 

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