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eileen gu dad

Athlete and top fashion model Eileen Gu is famous for winning the international Freeski competitions. She is American-Chinese. She has won two gold medals at the Olympics and is the Freeski world champion. She made history by being the first freestyle skier to achieve three medals at a single Winter Olympics in February 2022 in Beijing. Read on to discover about eileen gu dad and more about her life.

Who is Eileen Gu ?

Eileen Gu is one of those individuals that excels at everything. From being featured on the front cover of Vogue Magazine to capturing three freestyle skiing medals, including two golds, at the Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games. The part-time model also succeeds in school and wants to join Stanford University.

She was the first woman to land a forward double cork 1440 when she was 18 years old, and she is a rare “triple-threat” in the three freeski categories of slopestyle, big air, and half pipe. She also speaks Mandarin and English perfectly. The Chinese athlete who won the gold medal at the 2021 World Championship twice prefers to chill by cooking, especially dumplings with her grandmother. Truffle oil is one of Gu’s favorite ingredients. If you are interested to know about eileen gu dad then keep reading to know about it.

Eileen Gu Career

Athletics Career

When Eileen’s mom took her skiing for the very first time, she was three years old. She started skiing when she was 9 years old and her mother signed her up for ski lessons at Lake Tahoe. At the international freeski competitions in January 2019, she represented the USA. She finished first in Italy and second in France in the slopestyle competition.

Later in June 2019, she declared via an Instagram post that she would represent China in the future Winter Olympics 2022. This thing attracted so much attention and controversies and after that people are highly interested to find eileen gu dad and more information about her. She earned two gold medals in the big air and halfpipe competitions at the Lausanne 2020 Winter Olympics and one silver in the slopestyle Freeski competition.

She made history in 2021 by becoming the first woman to win three medals on her first attempt at the Winter X Games in Aspen. She won two gold medals in the superpipe and slopestyle events and one bronze in the big air competition, earning her China’s first Winter X Games champion.

At the Freeski and Snowboard World Championship of the International Ski Federation in Aspen in 2021, she set a new record by becoming the only athlete to win two gold medals. She won gold in the slopestyle and halfpipe competitions and bronze in the big air competition. Keep reading to know more regarding eileen gu dad.

Modeling Career

As a professional model, Eileen is represented by IMG Models, the agency that also works with Bella Hadid, Kate Moss, and Hailey Bieber. She is a famous model in both China and America. She has served as the ambassador for many well-known companies, including luxury Swiss watchmaker IWC, cosmetics company Estée Lauder, Victoria’s Secret, Tiffany & Co., and Louis Vuitton.

She has established her presence at numerous high-profile fashion events, such as the Met Gala, Louis Vuitton’s front row, and Paris Fashion Week. She has made a name for herself as a very marketable model in China and has done work for milk cartons, billboards, and even Chinese TV commercials. She has modeled for companies like Bank of China,, China Mobile, and others. Read below to know about eileen gu dad and more.

Who is the father of Eileen Gu?

He’s a little mysterious. According to the rumors, he is American and a Harvard graduate, but he has no public records and she doesn’t mention him in public. She was raised by her mother Yan Gu and grandmother in San Francisco.

The eileen gu dad, Ray Sidney, is a member of the XPRIZE Foundation’s Vision circle. To learn more about the relationship between him and his daughter, continue reading. Eileen only has Yan Gu as a guardian. Eileen, a professional freestyle skier from the United States, skis for China.

The identity of eileen gu dad was unknown online until Ray posted a picture that clarified things. When Eileen was around 4 or 5, he and her were seen on camera. Gu’s father was previously known to be an American, but his identity and profession remained a mystery.


As we are discussing about eileen gu dad and about her personal life, let’s shed some light on the controversies around her. Eileen shared her Olympic lookbook on Instagram, where one of her followers remarked that she had received preferential treatment from the Chinese government because Instagram is not available to Chinese residents (banned in the country).

Eileen was a little fast in responding that Chinese citizens can use VPN (a way to bypass the firewall of the nation by hiding the location of the user, which is illegal). The screenshot of these remarks was posted on Weibo, the Chinese version of Instagram, and quickly went viral. But as soon as the Chinese authorities reacted, all the posts showcased a blank screen rather than any comments.

Eileen Gu Facts

Eileen claims that up until the time she graduated from San Francisco University High School, she never skied more than 65 days a year.

She turned down the chance to participate at the X Games in Aspen 2020 in order to finish her education before her utterly brilliant performance at the Winter X Games in Aspen 2021.

She has more than 20 business partnerships, making her one of the most extensively sponsored athletes at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

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End Note

The career decisions Eileen has made have always been encouraged by her parents especially by her mother as we are not sure about eileen gu dad. They were originally unsure when she said she wanted to pursue athletics, but they eventually changed their minds and have been quite encouraging ever since.

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