Solving Problems of Infertility through Ayurveda

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Ayurveda has been helping individuals all around the world in treating both their mental and physical health problems for more than 1000 years. It is an ancient medical system that was found in India. This medical system works on treating people through the use of natural ingredient-based medicines.

Infertility is among the many other problems that can be treated with ayurveda. There are many people who have successfully treated their problems of infertility with the help of ayurveda products in Sydney.

The treatments of Ayurveda are different from other modern medical systems, it does not just involves the use of heavy dosage medicines. In ayurvedic treatment, the whole lifestyle of a person is changed or improved in order to get good health results.

Ayurvedic treatments that are effective in treating infertility

There are many treatments in ayurveda that are excellent in treating problems of infertility both in men and women. Some of the most effective treatments are listed below.

  • Shodhana – This is among the most essential ayurvedic therapies that help an individual in eliminating harmful toxins from their body. This opens up the bodily channels which are responsible for maintaining healthy body circulation, further solving fertility problems by promoting the proper functioning of the ovary.
  • Shirodhara – Shirodhara therapy involves the use of ayurveda products in Sydney, like medical herbal oil which helps in treating the imbalances of hormones in a female body. In this therapy, ayurvedic experts pour the medicated oil at a point on the forehead of the patient which will help them by bringing their mind to a balanced state.
  • Phala ghritam – Phala ghritam is an ayurvedic treatment for infertility that involves the intake of ayurvedic medicines which help a female to conceive. These medicines are turned into a liquid form and combined with liquefied butter and milk.
  • Gokshura – Among the many available ayurvedic products in Sydney, the gokshura herb is well known for stimulating the ovary of a female and thus benefiting women who are dealing with infertility. It is also helpful for women who are dealing with problems of polycystic ovary syndrome. There are many other herbs that are often used to make medicines used in ayurvedic treatment for infertility and these are effective in inducing proper function of the reproductive organs of females. These herbs include Shatavari, Shatpushpa, Ashoka, Dashmool, and many more.
  • Yoga – Yoga is great at reducing stress which helps in treating fertility issues. Some of the yoga postures like nadi shodhan pranayam, bhramari pranayam, viparita karani, and hastapadasana are effective in improving the reproductive health of women. The ayurvedic treatments for infertility and ovulation focus on nourishing the shukra dhatu which is the other name for the reproductive tissue. Women face reproductive issues when their shukra dhatu gets deprived of nutrients, thus nourishing it with proper nutrients will help them to successfully conceive.

Dietary and lifestyle recommendations of Ayurveda for treating infertility

The medical system of ayurveda believes that medicines are not enough to treat a health issue, they may provide some temporary relief but it still leaves room for future issues. Thus   ayurveda practitioners prescribe their patients to bring change their diet and their overall lifestyle.

Some of the below-mentioned diet and lifestyle recommendations are commonly given by ayurvedic practitioners in order to improve the health of their patients.

  • Consumption of food items like almonds, fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, dried fruits, and whole grains is great for nourishing the shukra dhatu of an individual.
  • Walking at least 20-30 minutes daily is great for the human body as it provides mental relaxation and also helps in maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Regularly drinking herbal tea with a mix of warm water is effective in cleansing the digestive system of an individual, it also helps in boosting their digestive energy
  • Healthy sleeping habit is extremely important for improving overall health, thus a minimum of 8 hours of sleep is recommended by all health practitioners.


If an individual wants to conceive in a natural way then ayurvedic treatment for infertility will be an ideal option for them. Some of the reasons why it is better to treat infertility problems through Ayurveda are listed below

  • No side effects – Ayurvedic medicines don’t affect individuals with any side effects, which means they get to solve their issues without inviting any new health issues. Though the healing process works slowly and gradually, it is very much effective in treating infertility problems.
  • Natural healing – The ayurvedic medical system is all natural and it uses herbs and other natural ingredients for treating health problems. As natural ingredients are devoid of any chemicals, treating health issues with them is safe while being effective.
  • Helps in maintaining a healthy weight – Modern medicines for infertility often result in the fluctuation of the weight of the patient, which will just further add problems in the lives of individuals. But ayurvedic medicines help in managing a healthy weight individual while treating the problems of infertility.

Key takeaways

Ayurveda is the best way to treat the problems of infertility in a natural way. There are many individuals who have successfully treated their infertility issues with the help of ayurveda products in Sydney. This ancient medical system originated in India and helps in promoting a healthy state of both physical and mental health.

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