6 Facts To Know To Nail Apple SWOT and PESTLE Analysis

6 Facts To Know To Nail Apple SWOT and PESTLE Analysis

Students pursuing marketing are often asked to deliver exceptional Apple SWOT and PESTLE analysis for their semesters. We know that you immediately feel chills running down your spine and your palms start sweating when you are asked to draft a flawless marketing paper on any major brand.

But, believe it or not, scoring high GPAs on your papers will cease to be a challenging task if you are aware of the rare and intriguing facts associated with the brand.

Today’s post has listed interesting facts about Apple to nail your Apple SWOT and PESTLE analysis like never before.

Apple Has Way More Cash Than The US Government

Undeniably, Apple is one of the giant tech corporations in the world. What might surprise you, though, is that it has more cash on hand than the most powerful government around the world. As a matter of fact, Forbes reported countless times when Apple had twice as much cash as the US government.

The First Apple Logo Featured Issac Newton

According to the best minds associated with assignment help services in Canberra, Apple’s logo is one of the most recognised in the world. But it didn’t start that way. The original logo was designed by Apple co-founder Ronal Wayne and featured Sir Issac Newton sitting under an apple tree along with a quote by the poet William Wordsworth.

The original logo didn’t sit right with Steve Jobs, who thought it was incredibly old-fashioned and wouldn’t scale well to smaller sizes. Business Report Writing help Also, Rob Janoff, the graphic designer, was hired to reinvent the logo, which brings us to the bitten logo we are well-versed with today.

The Company Has A ‘No Smoking’ Policy Near Its Products

Mac has a ‘no smoking policy’ concerning their PCs. As ridiculous as it sounds, if you smoke while using a PC or Apple, you void the guarantee. Apple would not fix the PCs of purchases that were found to have tar soot from cigarettes, declaring it a ‘biohazard’ to its employees.

Devices Are Mostly Always Set To 9:41 In Apple’s Advertisements

If you pay close attention to the advertisements of Apple, you might notice that the time on Apple’s devices often reads 9:41. This is no coincidence. Business Law Case Study Examples The time originally used in Apple advertisements was 9:42, but when the first iPad was released in 2010, the time changed to 9:41.

According to the former iOS senior vice president, Scott Forstall, new product launches almost always occur around the 40-minute mark of keynote speeches.

Apple’s Market Cap is Larger Than All Except Four Countries

In 2022, Apple became the first company to reach a $3 trillion market value. It broke the previously broken records by becoming the first company with a $1 trillion and $2 trillion market cap. However, Apple’s market cap is larger than all countries but four-China, Japan, the US, and Germany.

This implies if Apple were a country, it would be wealthier than almost every country. This incorporates major powers like France, UK, and India.

The Company Sold More Watches In 2019 Than The Whole Swiss Watch Industry

In 2019, the Apple Watch surpassed the Swiss industry, according to the research firm Strategy Analytics. As indicated by Strategy Analytics, a UK-based counselling, Apple sold 30.7 million watches in 2019, compared to the 21.1 million sold by the Swiss Watch industry.

Though Swiss watches are premium and have innumerable purchasers of their own, Apple watches have occupied a prominent position in the market.

Knowing these rare facts will help you draft an outstanding Apple SWOT and PESTLE analysis and will also come in handy if you aim to become a successful entrepreneur in the future.


Writing a perfect Apple SWOT and PESTLE analysis is a mean feat to achieve. Read today’s post to get your hands on certain rare and intriguing facts on the brand that will enable you to leave your professors in wow with exceptional papers.

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