Auto Shop Management Software – How Does it Help?

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Are you one of the hardworking owners of an auto repair shop? No doubt this business is time taking and stressful. But with the change in time, this industry has also evolved.

Gone are the days when auto-repair shops were growing depending on the quality work of technicians. Many of the owners have adopted cutting-edge technology of auto shop management software

It would be neglecting if you still keep using the traditional methods of managing the workflow and paperwork of your garage. You should learn from your competitors as they can be your teachers instead of enemies. 

For efficient and timely business management, you must choose the right software for your auto shop. This software also provides an auto labor guide, making it your technician’s best friend. 

What is auto shop management software?

Auto repair shop software is specifically designed for your garage. Like every other business, yours is important and has a sole identity. It should be put forward with the help of the digital face of your business. Just like coffee and tea cannot have the same recipe, your business cannot have software designed for any other industry. 

The basic needs of your business are different from any other such as : 

  • Booking appointments for upcoming businesses
  • Creating Estimates and waiting for their acceptance 
  • Identifying the service issues
  • Suggesting the needed parts 
  • Ordering missing inventory 
  • Finding the best technician for the specific job
  • Assigning tasks
  • Automotive repair manuals 

All these features can be found in none other than auto repair shop management software.

You can save time to spend on the other parts of your business. Instead of making your technicians work on the estimate by sitting behind the piles of paper on the table. Getting the estimates ready in a few clicks and getting your technicians at work is better. 

This may sound easy, but believe me, my friend, it is not. Finding parts for old cars or negotiating for the proper parts can be a problem. Your auto shop management software can handle this without leaving the app. 

Your customers are opting for hassle-free, less time-consuming solutions for their problems day by day. They do not have time to check for any new technician every time they need service with their car if your auto repair shop succeeds in giving them a smooth experience on their first visit. Voila! You got a lifetime customer subscription.😀

Auto Shop Management Software

How Does it Help? 

Usually, this shop management software is user-friendly. All you need is to install it on your computer. It is plug-and-play. After installing and migrating all the required data, you can use it. The software is friendly, and instead of watching tutorials, you can simply explore it on your own. 

Your employees can check on the projects they’re working on and request more labor or parts using specific log in information and credentials.

To simplify it, Let’s explore some features of auto shop management software using Tom’s scenario.

Receiving payments  

Tom’s Business was all shiny and rising from the outer look, but focusing on insights, he was worried as he couldn’t get many of his pending payments. For him, it was a time taking task to look at pending payments from his accounts software and, fetch details of customers from another sheet, then remind him about the payment.

Due to the time taking process, his payments were being delayed. After shifting smartly to the auto repair software, he gathered everything on one page. He could do anything from creating invoices to receiving payments directly from clients. 

Tom was really satisfied with the ease of life. Instead of stressing about everything, he could dedicate time to other tasks. 

Creating Order Estimates and Order invoices

Tom’s technicians were spending a lot of time creating estimates due to confusion about the prices of repair parts as they had to search about it again every time to what it cost when used last time.

Also, the labor rates varied. Tom was worried about this problem because he had limited technicians available. By spending more time creating and sending estimates, it means that the amount of time spent on vehicles is compromised, 

Tom wanted his technicians to utilize their maximum productivity on automobiles. One fine day he thought about possible solutions to this problem. He ended up choosing automotive repair software for this purpose as well. 

To his surprise, accurate estimates were created in a few mins. He was happy that he could share them with clients with one touch, and they could be accepted on the spot. Tom saw a visible difference in how this small step increased the efficiency of his technicians.

Decoder for vehicle verification number and inspection

Tom made sure that every vehicle that checks in at his garage goes through a detailed inspection and its verification number is confirmed. 

He often realizes that vehicle verification is done using different methods by each technician, but uniformity needs to be added. Tom also didn’t find it handy as there was a clutter of inspection sheets. 

One customer falsely stated at their auto repair shop that the headlights of his car were absolutely fine at the time of check-in (which are broken now). Technicians trying to improve it found it broke at the initial inspection as well, But they couldn’t find the inspection sheet because it got lost in the clutter. 

After facing many situations like this, Tom decided to digitize it using his auto shop management software. It made life easier. Now inspection could be done on the app, with evidence of pictures and extra notes. 

Technicians also used one platform (auto shop management software) to look up vehicle verification numbers. 

Inventory Management and Parts Ordering 

This feature is one of Tom’s favorites as he does not have to worry about the missing pieces in inventory during the inspection. Instead, he can order it on the go. 

Auto-shop repair software gives you the additional feature of an attached vendor, so you don’t have to leave the software to order the required piece.

Tracking, Managing and Assigning Tasks. 

With the help of shop management software, Tom can now view the history of tasks. It helps him track which technician was assigned a specific task and how long it took him to complete it. 

He can view the pending tasks of each technician and can instruct them to speed up in case of a long pending list. 

His auto repair software also helps him assign tasks to different technicians depending on their expertise. 

Great Help for Technicians

This software not only helps manage his business but is also a big help for technicians. Auto shop software provides detailed real-time labor guides to technicians in case of confusion.

It also shows automotive wiring diagrams if technicians need clarification about the required service. What is stopping you from getting auto repair software for your garage?

Tom is smart, Be like Tom!

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